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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Crist and Graham Modern Day Brutus, or Aaron Burr? But Not Our 'Favorite Sons'

Charlie Crist has proven his own self interest and has decided to burn those who have supported him in years past, by donating both time and money to his elections as a Republican in the State of Florida.

He has also decided to betray the Republican Party who have invested countless thousands in promoting his career.

He will formally announce on Thursday his decision to run as an Independent. At least he did not wait to wait until after he was elected and make his betrayal more vile by pulling an Arlen Specter stunt switching parties, yet another weasel. His early support of the Second Stimulus quickly indicates how this happy spender would show his fiscal detritus.

Every recent perusal of polling data in every poll shows him well behind any of the current contenders running for election statistically for the Senate seat, and nearly 23 points behind Rubio. A new poll shows him still behind Rubio, who lately has his own foot and mouth problems on Immigration.




Graham is yet another of the RINOS that plagues all of us with his continual waffling. I am barely recovered from his threats that were nothing but puffery when Holder was testifying to his committee in regards to trying terrorist in New York.

It was not until Reid determined that he would place Immigration on the docket before the current nightmare Cap and Trade Bill that Graham withdrew his support for the Bill he co-sponsored with his buddies John Kerry and Joe Lieberman.

Now Reid has pulled Immigration back, and will bring Cap and Trade to the Senate Floor. Either Graham has caved, or the Senate will engage the same ploy as they did with Healthcare, forcing Graham to either vote NAY or do his evil deed and vote AYE.





The Cap and Trade bill is laden with a nation killing agenda full of not only fees, licensing, and taxes but also outrageous punishing policies that would be the certain death knell for America and her citizens, in every area of freedom that you can imagine.

Did Graham have the ethical courage to step up to the plate and say I cannot support this because this set of policies and future law is based on a fraud and cooked science...no. And his buddies are still working on him to get him to come back to the table.

It is a shame that Graham is not running for reelection this season.

The treachery of these two only is surpassed by that of Brutus when he slayed Julius Caesar and Aaron Burr when he killed Alexander Hamilton father of the Federalist papers in a duel.

The machinations and finances behind the Cap and Trade bill make the Tea Pot Dome Scandal look like child's play.


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