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Monday, June 4, 2012

A Narrative For Romney

Campaign Spots Romney Should Make

On May 31, 2012 Mitt Romney in a surprise move, made an unannounced appearance in front of now bankrupt Solyndra solar panel manufacturer, a stroke of genius by Romney and his campaign staff.  

I have several suggestions for Mitt Romney that are similar in nature, a way for Romney to capture the narrative!  Are you ready?  Here they come!

Fast and Furious and the Death of Brian Terry

Romney should make an unannounced appearance with the parents of Brian Terry,  US Border Agent who was murdered with a weapon that was sold in the Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives operation of Fast and Furious.

Holder Attorney General of the Department of Justice have stonewalled the US Congress and have refused to  supply Daryl Issa's Committee with 1,000's of documents.

Starving Farmers of Water in the San Joaquin Valley

Romney should make an appearance on a farm in the San Joaquin Valley, former salad bowl producer and home to Almond farmers starved of water  by the U.S. Fish and wildlife Service to save a 2 inch Delta Smelt.

San Joaquin Valley Before

San Joaquin Valley After
Drowning In Red Tape

Romney Addressing Miles of RED TAPE OVER-REGULATION

Romney should make a Campaign spot standing next to every volume of US Code of Federal Regulations  in front  an image of mountains of balls of red tape explaining the impact of Federal Regulations and how they throttle the US economy .

Romney Addressing the Delay of Justice for Victims of the USS Cole Bombing

Romney should make a Campaign stop standing in front of a Huge backdrop of the picture of the USS Cole anchored at harbor with a huge gaping hole in the side of the ship from an attack by Radical Islamist demanding justice for families of the USS Cole victims.

On October 12, 2000 the USS Cole (DDG 67) an Arleigh Burke class destroyer was the target of a terrorist attack in the port of Aden, Yemen, during a scheduled refueling. The attack killed 17 crew members and injured 39 others.

Romney should have a Campaign Stop addressing the gutting of NASA and Obama's new directive for NASA

Romney should schedule a Campaign stop in front of Cape Canaveral or in front of the Space Flight Center in Houston Texas asking if improving the self esteem of Muslim children is an appropriate directive for NASA

Romney should have a Campaign Stop at the gates of Fort Hood asking why it is nearly 3 years after the attacks at Fort Hood Nidal Hassan has not been brought to trial.

Other opportunities for Romney include:

A backdrop of film of the Chicago Riots at the Democratic convention in 1968, instigated by the Chicago 7 and SDS adding that Obama's first 2008 Campaign fundraiser was held in the home of Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorhn, and his long association with members of that SDS for years.

Another opportunity for Romney would include a backdrop of the graves of police officers killed by Weatherman bombings, pointing out Obama's first 2008 Campaign fundraiser was held in the home of Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorhn.

Romney should do a campaign spot standing in a room modeled on the Executive office wall papered with Obama's 1,461 Executive Orders.

Romney could do a campaign stop with Obama in the background announcing he will not allow the Keystone Pipeline, preventing thousands of US jobs.

We, Republicans and Romney are blessed with ample opportunities to own the narrative, all we need to do is Proclaim it, back our proclamations with facts and own it with powerful visuals. 

I bet everyone that reads this can think of an idea to send to the Romney Campaign and the RNC.


  1. This should be sent USPS overnight, special delivery to Romney Campaign..ideas should be implemented at once! As a note remind them that Obama administration refers to the Fort Hood shooting as work place violence

  2. Dito Mr. Farnan. Now I don't have to type so much. Great Article!!!!

  3. Well done Melody! Issa should join Romney @ a press conference and highlight democrat obstruction in getting justice for Brian Terry. Make Fast & Furious front and center. Katie Pavlic's(sp?) book is amazing. Nidal should be at Gitmo or under it! Chefelf1

  4. Well done, Melody. So many of these are my 'favorites' I can't choose just 1 or 2. Mitt should do them all!
    Keep it up. Keep the Faith.

  5. These work for me, especially regarding the coal plants. I lived in West Virginia for six years—BHO is intentionally SLAMMING that state and others that produce reliable energy.

  6. Great ideas, Melody. At Fort Hood, Romney could also question why a U.S. soldier with Islamist affiliations and was seeking ties to AQ, yelling "Allahu Akhbar!" as he gunned down soldiers, was prosecuted for committing an act of "workplace violence." What happened to terrorism? Oh yeah, only right-wing teaba***** are "terrorists" when they ask for fiscal restraint and accountability out of government.

  7. Oh Yes...send this idea to Mitt's Team in every mode of communication available. It would be an amazing and effective proclaimation.