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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Budget...the Big Deficit Leadership

Shame on the Democrats and their efforts to blame Republicans for the lack of a budget for 2011.

I for one am not forgetting that instead of performing their sworn fiduciary duty in the 111th Congress, when Democrats controlled both houses, (the Senate and Congress) and the White House,  they did not make even the first effort to write, produce, or pass a budget.

The President and Democrats in the Senate and Congress are behaving like spoiled undisciplined children.
Let the government be shut down.  I am weary of all the cheap theatrics and lies from the left side of the aisle.

This is nothing more than disgusting theatrics. The Democrats are convinced they will gain the upper hand in polls and the public's eye as a result of a puppet media who more than willingly defend Democrats manipulative antics.  Democrats think that this will be like 1995 when Gingrich was speaker.  The Democrats could have passed any budget they wanted to in 2010, and like Obamacare Republicans would have had no way to stop Democrats.  Democrats had majorities in both houses.  Democrats have set up the right side of the aisle to punish them for winning an election. 

To bad for Democrats that there are actually voters who have both read the Constitution and who have an expectation that our elected representatives should follow the law.

Who is kidding who...$61 Billion is barely a drop of sound reasoning in an ocean of over a 1 Trillion Dollar Budget.

It is well past time for Democrats to wake up and address a bloated too large government.  Nothing on Capitol Hill can be considered a serious discussion until both sides of the aisle start closing many unnecessary government agencies and departments and duplications of service.

How less than serious.  No wonder our nation has since the Obama election become the laughing stock of the world. 

Even a 5 year old understands how much he can get for a dollar.