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Saturday, August 25, 2012

RIP Neil Armstrong First Man On the Moon


"Houston, Tranquillity Base here. The Eagle has landed."

That is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind ~Neil Armstrong, Moon July 20, 1969

RIP Neal Armstrong August 5, 1930 ~August 25, 2012 

Neil Armstrong  as Astronaut was part of a team on many missions prior to a feat that will forever be his marker in history as the first man on the moon.  Neil Armstrong, characterized every ideal that Americans aspire to bravery, humility, intellect, bold, exploration and American Excellence.  America is less for his loss.

When I was 22, I watched Neil Armstrong place the first of many American Astronauts footprints on the that beautiful pearl in the sky, the moon. A feat 43 years later no other nation has been able to duplicate.  My Grandfather who was 93, watched with me and my family in amazement and pride at America's milestone technological achievement.

NASA's comments on the death of Neil Armstrong can be found here.

My feelings are mixed, saddened by the loss of a hero whose missions I watched and exploits I followed as a teen and my anger is boiling over at how  Obama has ravaged NASA 

Friday, August 24, 2012

2016: The Movie

Two weeks ago my husband and I left the house to have dinner and see this important film.

We went to our favorite local Mexican restaurant and left the restaurant to find that there were 2 nails in our rear tire.  We hurried to a local Goodyear tire center to get the tire repaired.  It was after 6:00 pm and the free Tea Party showing stated at 7:30.  Talk about stress, the tire was repaired and I was mumbling the whole way as we needed to stop for gas also.

When we reached the AMC multiplex where the movie was showing, all of the seats were gone.

However AMC being smart free marketers immediately opened a second showing an hour later for paid attendance.  We immediately plunked our $20 bucks down for two tickets and bought another $10 bucks worth of popcorn and some thin mints.

When we entered the auditorium there were maybe 70 or so seated waiting the 50 minutes or so for the film to begin.  In 2s 4's eager viewers began filling seats.  By the time the film opened this auditorium also had folks sitting on the stairs.

I had read all about Barack Obama on David Horowitz site Discover The Networks and had read all  of Dinesh D'Souza's books on Obama including, "The Roots of Obama's Rage" .

I was not an uniformed voter when I entered the theater.

Unlike most movies, this time people who did not know one another were talking while we all waited nearly an hour for the film to begin.  The couple to our left were active in their local Tea Party, as are my husband and I also were familiar with the topic and facts to be presented in the movie.  They are registered Republicans.  On our right was a group of 3 friends (that we did not know) who came to see the movie.  All three independent voters and business owners.  They came out of curiosity after hearing and reading about the film. All said they voted for Obama in 2008, but would not support him in 2012 because Obama had hurt their businesses.

In the row behind us the stories were similar, discussion of concerns for rising costs, healthcare, the deficit.  All registered voters, some politically active, some not but all concerned for America's future.

(I am infamous for being willing to talk to anyone about politics, and it was a great discussion of about 15 individuals before the movie started).

This is a brave film.  It is honest, unpretentious and framed from D'Souza's view based on his life experience and the similarities in both his and Obama's background culturally.  The similarities end there.  There is no doubt about it Dinesh D'Souza is a staunch Conservative, great patriot and a man of letters, towering intellect and the President of King's College in New York.

Dinesh D'Souza tracks Obama's life and influences, the montage of scenes and one after another fact move rapidly.  This is not a boring film.  The backdrop of the third world, interviews and facts are compelling.

This is a great movie.  It is breathtaking.

At the end of the film, the audience was in SHOCK.  The silence was palpitating, then as if on cue I kid you not the entire audience stood and a thunderous applause filled with "Bravos" and "Way to Go" were shouted out.  Rare today at your local movie.

My take 400 very determined voters left the auditorium and you could over hear "my friends need to see this" "I am coming back with my kids" and "Obama has to go"

Did I like this film?  I loved it 

Would I recommend this film  Absolutely  It is a patriotic duty to see this film.  That is just this gal's opinion.

In full disclosure, I follow Dinesh D'Souza on Twitter and I am honored that he follows me.

The Fluked Up Narrative of BC

Why Now and Democrats Are Wrong
On Abortion (Genocide)

From Democrats and NOWs perspective one could surmise that a woman's brain is in her vagina and not her head. Give me a break ! I am a woman and there is far more to me than my vagina. My vagina does not make my decisions, my vagina does not run my life.

Here is a question, if a woman cannot be responsible for her own body enough to avoid unprotected sex what can she be responsible for?  There should be no sacrifice of an innocent child because the 'host woman' was too irresponsible of being certain she was in charge of her own reproductive abilities. Moral relativism allows the genocide of humans and blames the result of a casual sexual Liasion instead of the male and female who engaged in unprotected sex. You don't have to be a prude to avoid pregnancy.  You just need to be responsible in preventing an unwanted outcome before that moment of passion.

Casual everything, no taboos, moral relativism says, "Hey, baby no consequences!" Democrats and NOW say women are the victims when they get pregnant after an unprotected casual encounter.  Democrats and NOW say it is not your fault you forgot to take contraceptives you are a victim. Democrats and NOW say you are not responsible for your body because of your feelings, you should not be punished for passion, or held accountable for the repercussions of your choice to engage in unprotected sex. Democrats and NOW view you are incapable of being responsible for your baby factory.  Democrats say we want your vote, we understand your are the victim of your choice to have unprotected sex.  Democrats award irresponsible sexually casual encounters, and justify their moral relativism with their agenda. Democrats NOW and their cottage industry of abortion declare you a victim.  What a complete crock of nonsense.

Democrats and NOW would have you believe that all women are airheads, incapable of being responsible enough to ensure they practice safe sex and somehow are completely unable to be in charge of their own reproductive body functions.  HOGWASH  It is obvious that Democrats and NOW see women as childish playthings incapable of knowing when to say no, or to say no when a woman knows she has no way of preventing pregnancy when that moment of passion overcomes her.  Translation:  Democrats and NOW  promote the idea that all women are airheads and sluts. No protection, not your fault, have an abortion!

I am offended that Democrats and President Obama picked an attractive activist with an appearance of a conservatively dressed woman who is in fact a strident Democratic operative, Sandra Fluke.  Ms. Fluke whined in her testimony before Congress about a woman's right to chose both abortion and birth control. Birth control is not an irrational choice. Asking taxpayers to fund what they can not abide in  principle is wrong and an irrational demand. That demand fully discounts and excuses personal responsibility.   Fluke did not disclose she had been the past president of Law Students for Reproductive Justice.  Nor did she name the strawgirl (her friend) nor the fact the strawgirl was gay, nor why this woman needed birth control. Even if the strawgirl had a medical condition requiring birth control why should a tax payer foot the bill?  These are a few easy observations with questions begging to be asked.   Pelosi and the Obama team rolled out an attractive conservatively dressed activist, who did not disclose that she is a Democratic operative with an agenda, who complained about the rights of a gay woman needing birth control. I don't care what someones sexual preferences are, but let me say it is highly unlikely that a gay woman is going to become pregnant without use of sperm from a male contributor. Nor should my tax dollars subsidize her use of them even if it is for medicinal reasons. I do find it questionable the Fluke argument that a lesbian should need BC and that taxpayers should pay for this 'need.' Really what are the chances of Fluke's 'friend' getting pregnant without real intent? This is more of the 'it takes a village nonsense' of moral relativism that removes any parameters for personal responsibility.

With the morning after pill there is NO reason for elective Abortion based on a woman's choice to engage in unprotected sexual engagement. NOT ONE.  Morning after pills are available in every state on demand with no prescription necessary.  Planned Parenthood also sees to it that a woman can get the morning after pill.  From the age of 17 morning after pills are available.  We are in the 21st Century.  To Pretend that a woman has no options other than an abortion is outrageous. Any male engaging in sex with a woman under 16 should be held accountable for statutory rape.  If your daughter is in engaged in sex at this age you have serious parenting issues.

Democrats and misogynists (who also wish to escape responsibility for their 'little swimmers')  support the false narrative that a woman should participate in the GENOCIDE of Abortion when nothing is stopping her from going to the Drug Store the very next day in a free market in which she pays with her own funds to purchase a morning after pill without a prescription.  (I am aware there are those who argue that a child begins with the act of conception).  Don't tell me that a woman DOES NOT know that the sex she is having is unprotected.

If a 21st Century woman cannot drag her lazy butt to the drug store after a night of unprotected sex she deserves the consequences of her actions. (I am not talking about women who have been raped or the victims of incest here.)

As a proponent of Women's Rights I am opposed to abortion. If a woman is raped she should not be  ravaged by our side if her choice is an abortion.  If a young woman is victimized by incest she likewise should not be victimized by our side.  Both were already victims of misogyny and a crime.

Anyone’s suggestion that a woman who engaged in unprotected sex in the 21st century be captive to the industry of abortion is an outrage. Democrats and NOW use this activity as a fertile garden of victimization, once again excusing a lack of personal responsibility.

Women who are victims of rape and girls who are victims of incest deserve every avenue of choice available to them, and all the psychological help necessary to make them as whole as possible.  The stance of the left would suggest that every unwanted pregnancy is the result of rape or incest, and that the mother’s life is in jeopardy and this is statistically not true.

I say balderdash to that argument. Most women seeking an abortion have engaged in casual sex and have failed to be personally responsible in protecting themselves from becoming pregnant.

The very idea that any 21st century woman would be engaged in unprotected sex is an outrage.

The Democrats and NOWs policy position on abortion supports a system of population control and that   perverse position holds women hostage to a decision that will forever haunt her life.

I have yet to meet a single woman who got pregnant as a result of unprotected sex who experienced a happy outcome, or who was unaffected by her choices. If there are any they are few.

A more rational approach would be to insure that all women are well educated with all of the options available to them to avoid pregnancy.

The first principle should be starting with young women learning how to set boundaries and treating their bodies and their young minds as special.

Libertine behavior is extremely pervasive throughout our culture and accepted promiscuity have  overrun our culture.

Take a look around you. Do you think it is a healthy role model to have six and seven year olds acting flirtatiously? Do you believe that young girls behaving suggestively in scantily clad outfits encouraged by advertisers to behave in provocative manner is a sign of a healthy society?

No wonder so many young women have sex and love all tangled up in their psyches.

The left is hard pushed to provide examples of women who did not suffer from unprotected sex when she (the woman) either opted to keep the child, married someone who she did not love that did not love her, and how that impacted their lives, and the life of the child. It is not uncommon for these marriages to be the marriages filled with alcoholism and spousal abuse.

Or when she (the woman) gave the child up for adoption, only later in life to be overwhelmed with guilt not to mention the abandonment issues that her child will eventually experience.

Or that she might truly have been to a butcher claiming to be an abortion clinic and is left sterile for the rest of her life.

This is not the dark ages.

This is all out assault from the the unethical brain trust of moral relativism and the efforts of the left to undermine the importance of the family unit. Where else to start….but with a woman by victimizing her choice of unprotected sex and blaming the outcome for her choice.  Facilitated by a curriculum that undermines the psychological model of sexually healthy behavorial maturity over inappropriate sex as a minor.  It completely undermines the magnificent gift and responsibility of motherhood and childbearing, and its foundation as the fabric of society. Listen to the argument Obama made as State Senator in Illinois about late term partial birth abortion and his debasement of human life

You, me, everyone of us is a former fetus. I ask you what gives anyone more right to the life you have than that of an aborted child?  When did your life become more valuable?  I would further say that you clearly do not understand the lefts complete investment in the management of life from inception to death.

Democrats and NOW must not know much about Margaret Sanger and her politics either.

I am adamantly pro life.  

When was the last time you looked at a sonogram...sorry buddy that is a living breathing (through the exchange of oxygen to is tissue) human child. Married couples thrilled with the sonogram picture or video proudly share this with their families. Panned Parenthood providers insist this picture/video is no different than a virus, some amoeba or undefinable goo in a petri dish.

And I ask again, when did your or my life or that of any other former fetus become more important that the one still in the womb?  Fetuses are now routinely viable at 20 weeks a result of advances of neo natal care and ICU centers and some even sooner.

To engage in a dialogue dismissing this reality or view this in any other fashion is barbaric.

It is past time to leave this argument to the moral relativist of the left.  This is a woman's issue.  Nancy Pelosi and her young protoge Sandra Fluke, Debbie Wasserman Shulz and every Democrat is seizing this topic once again as an agenda item for at the Democratic National Convention in a matter of weeks to gain votes in the coming election

It is well past time for women on the Right to claim and own the narrative on Abortion.  We are not our vaginas, our lives are not ruled by our vaginas. We take responsibility for our reproductive rights and abilities.  To support the Democrats and NOWs view of abortion one must accept that modern woman does not have ownership of her body, her sexual behavior or her choices.

Democrats think women are nothing but active sex toys and incapable of responsibility or acting like an adult.  This is because democrats shy from any personal responsibility because it is in their electoral interest to promote the victimization of the choice of unprotected sex and "VICTIMS ARE VOTERS"