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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lord of the Flies, Swatting at Grandmothers!

Team Obama, never ones to let a 'crisis go to waste' called for a Swat Team to control a gathering of some 200 or more peaceful Tea Party protesters in Quincy Illinois, where President Barack Obama made a speech on Wednesday at the Oakley-Lindsay Center.

To say that their hand was overplayed would be a massive understatement. The episode was captured in this You Tube:


And brought to light by Andrew Brietbart’s Big Government site here:


And spread like wildfire through the blogosphere from here:


How utterly foolish can this administration be, they allow our borders to be open sieves, have FBI agents on the battlefield reading enemy combatants Miranda Rights, dismissed the Black Panther Voter Intimidation Case, and will not cooperate with the Senate oversight committee to thoroughly investigate the Hassan Nadal attack at Fort Hood. His Administration wants Attorney General Holder to give admitted terrorist show trials in New York. And they have the audacity to send a Swat Team to intimidate Grandmothers and peaceful citizens for carrying signs and letting him know they will not vote for his party.

One would think that the fishing incident would have been lesson enough when staffers in the bowels of the Whitehouse set up a website for folks to turn themselves or their neighbors in for not supporting Obama's precious Healthcare bill. Remember flag@whitehouse.gov?

Are the President of the United States and his team so thin skinned that that they are rattled by a small peaceful protest rally in the middle of a small town in Illinois which is indicative of the objections of the majority of Americans to this administration's policies and efforts?

Apparently this President, and the Democratic Party in the Congress and Senate along with the main stream media believe that it is somehow appropriate to continue to pass legislation based on lies that they have not read, bills that will forever alter this great Republic.

Does he really expect, really think for a moment the voter’s are going to remain silent and passive to the dismemberment of this Republic? Is he so arrogant to think he can drop in and give a speech filled with mischaracterizations and antithetical to what most voters want while ignoring or outright lying to us, his constituents?

Not only does it appear that President Obama does not understand who he works for, it appears he has also forgotten some information in our founding documents.

Bill of Rights
Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

I would like to add especially the freedom of speech and the right to peacefully assemble.

From: http://www.whig.com/story/news/WEB-Tea-Party-043010

“Quincy Tea Party members wanted President Barack Obama to know they were present Wednesday afternoon during his appearance in Quincy.

About 200 people protesting Obama's policies loudly chanted "USA, USA" as his motorcade made its way out of the Oakley-Lindsay Center, then sang "Hey, hey, hey, goodbye" as the vehicle went by.

The participants were vocal but well-behaved as they stood on the north side of York Street across from the OLC. …”

Urged on by people with megaphones, the crowd shouted slogans, among them "Remember in November" and "You work for us."

November 2010 cannot come soon enough, nor can November 2012.

Crist and Graham Modern Day Brutus, or Aaron Burr? But Not Our 'Favorite Sons'

Charlie Crist has proven his own self interest and has decided to burn those who have supported him in years past, by donating both time and money to his elections as a Republican in the State of Florida.

He has also decided to betray the Republican Party who have invested countless thousands in promoting his career.

He will formally announce on Thursday his decision to run as an Independent. At least he did not wait to wait until after he was elected and make his betrayal more vile by pulling an Arlen Specter stunt switching parties, yet another weasel. His early support of the Second Stimulus quickly indicates how this happy spender would show his fiscal detritus.

Every recent perusal of polling data in every poll shows him well behind any of the current contenders running for election statistically for the Senate seat, and nearly 23 points behind Rubio. A new poll shows him still behind Rubio, who lately has his own foot and mouth problems on Immigration.




Graham is yet another of the RINOS that plagues all of us with his continual waffling. I am barely recovered from his threats that were nothing but puffery when Holder was testifying to his committee in regards to trying terrorist in New York.

It was not until Reid determined that he would place Immigration on the docket before the current nightmare Cap and Trade Bill that Graham withdrew his support for the Bill he co-sponsored with his buddies John Kerry and Joe Lieberman.

Now Reid has pulled Immigration back, and will bring Cap and Trade to the Senate Floor. Either Graham has caved, or the Senate will engage the same ploy as they did with Healthcare, forcing Graham to either vote NAY or do his evil deed and vote AYE.





The Cap and Trade bill is laden with a nation killing agenda full of not only fees, licensing, and taxes but also outrageous punishing policies that would be the certain death knell for America and her citizens, in every area of freedom that you can imagine.

Did Graham have the ethical courage to step up to the plate and say I cannot support this because this set of policies and future law is based on a fraud and cooked science...no. And his buddies are still working on him to get him to come back to the table.

It is a shame that Graham is not running for reelection this season.

The treachery of these two only is surpassed by that of Brutus when he slayed Julius Caesar and Aaron Burr when he killed Alexander Hamilton father of the Federalist papers in a duel.

The machinations and finances behind the Cap and Trade bill make the Tea Pot Dome Scandal look like child's play.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

America's Post Racial President

From American Thinker, ..."There is a danger in the Obama White House honestly appraising the Tea Party's criticisms: It may bring illumination to the consequences of their policies. And because, as poll after poll suggest, an enlightened citizenry would reject absolutely the continuation of said policies, such honesty would be politically suicidal.

Where the Tea Party openly provides its recommendations and cites its complaints, the Obama White House and its allies in the media take quite a separate approach. It is difficult to tell behind which goal they place the stronger thrust of their efforts: concealing their own agenda or wrongfully portraying the intentions of their critics."

On the campaign trail, Barack Obama sold a bill of goods (to those interested in his product): the possibility that this nation might finally be presented with the opportunity to rip through the ever-present and seemingly insurmountable partisan divide to achieve the Holy Grail of political discourse more commonly known as the civil debate of issues. However, now it is evident that he is actively pursuing an attitude of the very dissension which it was his stated goal to diminish.







Or according to the absolute whipping reflected in this in a series of polls from Rasmussen, which indicate the rising surge against his policies?

Presidential ratings, Strongly Disapprove at 52% 55%
Oppose Government Limits On How Much Salt Americans Consume·
73% Say It’s Likely Goldman Sachs Committed Fraud·
70% of Arizona Voters Favor New State Measure Cracking Down On Illegal Immigration·60% Believe Health Care Law Will Increase Deficit, 58% Favor Repeal·
58% Favor Welcoming Immigration Policy ·
North Dakota House: Berg (R) 49%, Pomeroy (D) 45%·
Nationally, 60% Favor Letting Local Police Stop and Verify Immigration Status· 80% Say Religious Faith is Important To Their Daily Lives·

Michigan GOP Primary for Governor: Hoekstra Still Ahead·
Michigan Governor: Republican 41%, Democrat 36%·
South Dakota Governor: Daugaard (R) 53%, Heidepriem (D) 33%·
Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 44%, Democrats 38%

He is soon to find out that his brand of change is not what millions of Americans cast their ballot for particularly that rare breed of mavericks identified as Independents.

Whether through his divisive policies or through his divisive dismissal of those who oppose his policies he has been the master of partisanship. Obama ran on a promise to end partisanship, and as a post racial candidate, and on pledges of transparency, and open ethical government.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The 60% Solution

Poll after poll and study after study indicate that 60% or more of this nation view themselves, their thoughts and values as conservative. Whoever champions those values should never lose an election, unless the Democrats move back towards the center and find their blue dog voice.

From The American Thinker
..."Since June 2002, the Battleground Poll has asked this same question in its demographics section, and in fifteen consecutive polls, the answer has always been the same. Americans overwhelmingly describe themselves as conservative. What does "overwhelming" mean in this context? The percentage of Americans who call themselves conservative in these polls has never been less than 58% (conservative strength was that at its lowest point through these years in December 2007, when "only" 58% of Americans described themselves as conservative.) There has been a remarkable consistency in the responses to this question. Over the course of these polls, 60.2% of Americans, on average, call themselves conservative.

The results of the April 2010 Battleground Poll show that nothing has changed. Fifty-nine percent of Americans in the latest Battleground Poll call themselves conservative; two percent of Americans call themselves moderate; thirty-four percent call themselves liberal; and five percent were either unsure or refused to answer. Remove the "Unsure/Refused," and sixty-two percent of Americans are conservative. Stories from the establishment media, like USA Today and the L.A. Times, conveniently miss the underlying story about the April 2010 Battleground Poll."

This begs the question of who is crafting the message, or lack thereof, for the Republican Party? Recent elections show that the Right has been unable to capture and use that majority to the Party's advantage!

Why is it that the Right has been unable to find their voice? What message is it that both Republican and Conservative candidates appear unable to articulate, or cannot address and are missing in their talking points that voters need to hear? Or, even worse what message are they not sending at all that needs to be communicated in a clear and consistant voice that would resonate with voters insuring our values as a ruling majority for decades?

The American voting public has been manipulated back and forth by both parties in an indiscernible cloudy message of altruistic falsehoods fostered by false progressive populism. The end game for us on the right is when our message is shaded only slightly differently than the message from the left, is we lose. We lose because the left's hypnotic mantra is not our true message. The voter, given the same progressive message from both sides, will choose the one that rings more true. Since the left's message seems more genuine they win more often than they should.

Both parties currently lie to the left of Center when it comes to values, while Americans live by conservative values, just right of the center, as the Battleground poll indicates an astounding 60%.

We as voters are ill served by ever more progressive choices from both parties who continually serve up candidates to choose as elected officials. It is a never ending game of bait and switch, toxic compromises and deal making. A seemingly smarmy landscape of back room schemes and machinations which insures American voters are continually faced with voting for the lesser of two evils. The rules are fast being set so that real sensible policies and the truth are the least desirable goal, and perpetuating power and incumbency the desired end game.

If, in the struggle to elect good leadership, the argument from the right remains clouded in some post modern progressivism, and personality, and who is cool or hot, we as a nation will remain trapped in a no win game, far from our founding principles with very disturbing outcomes.

As a Conservative, who, at this time to insure my vote is not wasted, votes currently with the Republican Party, I strongly believe it is critically important that our side fashions a message that will capture the hearts, minds, values, and aspirations of that 60%.

In 2008, Senator McCain, honorable hero that he is, lost sight of his inner values and appeares to many voters to have sold out. He never set himself apart from his opponent in policy and was too willing to sacrifice principle for compromise. His willingness to compromise the conservative values of that 60% cost him the election. The polls statistically prove my point. Look directly at his polling numbers. When he made the decision to halt his campaign and be a Senator as a opposed to being a leader during the frist bailout, Tarp, there was a twenty point swing that week end.

Our current circumstances are a direct result of placing personalities before principles. We are racing, at break neck speed, from our founding fundamentals. This can be seen in our everyday life, how we do business, how we govern ourselves and the examples we set for our children.

My suggestion to those Republicans and Conservatives running for office is to make sure your points resonate with American values, tie initiatives to ideals which not only recieve an active sympathetic response, but induce voters to actions. Ask them what they would have you do to gain their vote and keep the promises you make.

Americans, in particular the 60% reflected in the Battleground polls, are a pretty candid bunch. 60% of Americans are yearning for a leader who will identify with and respond to their needs and aspirations leading through principal and example. Until the Republican Party finds its resonate voice we will remain out of power.

Unfortunately, this current power hungry administration leaves us facing the very proposition that we may have only one election cycle left to start cleaning up the mess. Unless we can make a difference in 2010, 2012 will not matter.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Making of Less Than Equal

Less than Equal. Less than whole, lost in vagueries and undefined mediocrity and failure America must find our drive for Excellence.

If, in the struggle to elect good leadership our arguments remain clouded in personality, and who is cool or hot we as a nation will remain like a tethered ball that is whacked around at dizzying speeds from one extreme to the other.

We, the people, are the ball or shuttlecock and our government has become the racket. We are whacked back and forth in a game by elected officials whose schemes and machinations guarantee that we will be whacked back and forth until we are worn out. The rules are fast being set so that winning is the least desirable goal. The object is to keep all players and equipment on the same Progressive playing field, with very limited outcomes.  Ties and mediocrity are awarded and desired. The cruelty of mass uniformity at the cost of personal excellence a desired result.  Mediocrity sought as the highest achievement available.

Our current sociologic circumstances are a direct result of placing personalities before principles, and  America is racing at break neck speed from our founding fundamentals, teaching about them, or honoring them.

In the last fifty years one of the foulest affronts to the premise that we are all created equal with a guarantee to pursue happiness is the sham of Affirmative Action and it's practice of dumbing down America. To determine that someone is less and therefore more deserving flies in the face of the primary founding principle at the creation of this nation.

The practice of this favoritism flies in the face of the most basic premises in our founding documents, that we are all equal under law, and have a right to pursuit of happiness. Because one is better at the pursuit, and has applied themselves and worked harder than another does not mean that person who has applied themselves harder should be punished and passed over by the person who is truly less able and who has only succeeded as a result of 'given points' at the expense of the person who has worked harder to achieve their goals.

Following this logic that less equals more deserving and therefore should be given preferential treatment and bonus points for being less reinforces the slow march to failure of the lowest common denominator.

As a voting public we have been slowly force fed marginally capable individuals as candidates who have advanced well beyond their abilities. And today's cafeteria is filled with not only boring but also mundane inarticulate uninspiring candidates.

In the late 60s or early 70s a book was published called the Peter Principle, a study about the social dynamic of promoting the unable and underachievers. Much fun was made about loose cannon Dicks who said what you wanted to hear, who spoke in easy cool short meaningless yes, yes, yes, phrases, who were awarded promotion and success without a record to support their postiton.

Today we are witness to both corporate America and our Government overrun by individuals who have been promoted well beyond both their vapid intellect and ability to perform. They not only lack a firm commitment to doing the right thing, but also appear completely unable to recall or remember promises made to the voting public. Every day we witness this activity in the weakness of elected officials resolve, and their duplicitous actions. Those who promise one thing and do another. Further they appear unable to solve a single problem because they are intellectual frauds, sellouts and con men.

This sad state of affairs is compounded by the multiple undermining engines, which are shaking the very foundation of this great nation.

The first is a voting public a product itself of the search for the lowest common denominator.  Voters who have become jaded with apathy as a result of the arrogance exhibited by many elected officials engaged in back room deals. Unable in many instances to comprehend complex double speak that is tiresome and a challenge to keep up voters abstain from their Constitutional responsibility. The main stream media gives voters a pass and excuses them due to the pressure of modern American culture and a lifestyle that celebrates easy come easy go and at the same time discourages serious thinking talk or debate, and in the process voters become shame bound by their lack of action.

The quest for the lowest common denominator has placed this nation in a position of having a population unable to discern or identify clear ethical/moral objectives. A citizenry who are intellectually lazy, who also will look for fast easy fixes, ways to cheat by howling about additional points, and uninspired as those who have been awarded knowingly enable the morally indefensible because the fix at least for some will be in, and the reward is they can get grades, placement, employment that is meritoriously undeserved.

The result of this National acceptance of lowest common denominators has resulted in large segments of our society unable to identify facts from fiction.  This segment has traded self fulfilling individual acheivement and chosen the slide from the quest for excellence to the social engineering of aspiring to failure.  A nation breaking culture that awards the least marginally able, by promoting the lowest common denominator with favoritism and punishing excellence.

Many Public school districts schools have ceased to recognize Valedictorians and have eliminated that part to their program graduation programs.

Frequently less qualified low performing or inadequately able applicants are selected to fill positions, and openings to satisfy the drudgery of diversity and graying of the masses.

Take a look at where we are as a society after fifty years of diversity, and the cost we have paid in our integrity by making judgments solely on their cover,  awarding under acheivement  buttressed by awarding what looks good and how buying what feels good has placed us exactly in the national crisis we face.

This dumbing down of America, and the resulting damage from affirmative action and enforced promotion of the less competent, intellectually lazy undeserving has trickled to the bottom of our national community.

Worse still, the curve of this infection has finally reached our highest offices and positions of trust. We find ourselves with officials in office completely unprepared and unable to meet the challenges they face. No matter the issue our leaders appear unable to perform satisfactorily to any standard an informed and reasonable voter would find acceptable. Look at the approval rating for both Congress and Senate over the last 6-7 years.

The second failure can be seen in the disconnect that is apparent in the actions of the elite 549 who govern us from an isolated bureaucratic setting, apart from the voters they 'serve' and more equal in every way possible from what our founders envisioned. If national health care passes we will become a caste society after 233 years, when by law our elected officials will have given themselves access denied average Americans.

The problems of affirmative action and aspiring to the lowest common denominator and a curriculum that celebrates failure has us lost in a morass of moral equivalence, sexual ambiguity, celebrating celebrity and denigrating heroism. We seem unable to discern right from wrong, our laws exhibit little value for the frailest of human life at its beginnings and soon will encourage euthanasia for our most senior and physically challenged and seriously ill individuals, meanwhile giving a pass to promoters of all back room deal making, giving a pass on fiscal responsibility and pandering to the highest bidder, with an arrogance to our founding documents.

Our leaders justify all that they do in the name of affirmative action or diversity, and appear unresponsive, and with each election prove they are more than derelict in their duties.  It would appear the inmates have truly taken over the asylum.

It Takes A Tea Party To Save A Nation

The coming elections in 2010 are perhaps the most important in the history of this magnificient Republic.

The unending smears and misrepresentations of this movement are fantastic and blatant lies made to defend the current Administrations calculated overreaches to change forever the fabric and founding ideals of this nation.

In a desparate move to complete their agenda Democrats are in a rush to push their agenda prior to this election Democrats fear our ability to stop them in their tracks.

It is left to us to continue to practice our First Ammendment duties that of "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

It is likely that the organized assualt on the Tea Party Movement was orchestrated by Axelrod and Emanuel given that the list of wrongs and grievances have a strinking similarity in not only content and attacks but also the race baiting seen in blogs, heard on the air and made by one elected scroundrel after another including President Obama who in his arrogance thinks we should thank him is an outrage on every level.

The unsubsstantiated attacks and smears on every level to our movement more than likely has far more to do with these polls and their fears of our fllipping the Congress in the comming fall elections.


Congressional Job Approval
Polling Data
Poll Date Approve Disapprove Spread
RCP Average 4/5 - 4/21 22.5 70.5 -48.0
FOX News 4/20 - 4/21 22 68 -46
Quinnipiac 4/14 - 4/19 20 71 -51
Associated Press/GfK 4/7 - 4/12 28 70 -42
Gallup 4/8 - 4/11 23 73 -50
CBS News/NY Times 4/5 - 4/12 17 73 -56
GWU/Battleground 4/5 - 4/8 25 68 -43
See All Congressional Job Approval Polling Data

President Obama Job Approval
Polling Data
Poll Date Sample Approve Disapprove Spread
RCP Average 4/5 - 4/24 -- 48.1 46.6 +1.5
Gallup 4/22 - 4/24 1547 A 50 43 +7
Rasmussen Reports 4/22 - 4/24 1500 LV 45 54 -9
FOX News 4/20 - 4/21 900 RV 46 46 Tie
Quinnipiac 4/14 - 4/19 1930 RV 44 46 -2
Associated Press/GfK 4/7 - 4/12 1001 A 49 50 -1
CNN/Opinion Research 4/9 - 4/11 1008 A 51 47 +4
CBS News/NY Times 4/5 - 4/12 1580 A 50 40 +10
GWU/Battleground 4/5 - 4/8 1000 LV 50 47 +3
See All President Obama Job Approval Polling Data

Direction of Country
Polling Data
Poll Date Right Direction Wrong Track Spread
RCP Average 4/5 - 4/15 36.6 58.0 -21.4
Daily Kos/R2000 4/12 - 4/15 38 58 -20

See this link also, http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2010/04/25/tea_partiers_racist_not_so_fast_105309.html

And this one, http://www.ocregister.com/opinion/tea-245567-comedy-clinton.html

When Liberty Fell

Home of the brave and land of the free
Honored revered gone forgotten, now a memory
Ballads and anthems clarion call, never more sung after the fall

Songs of hope for poor, tired, huddled masses
gone the visions of freedom though rose colored glasses
of a life full of promise no longer heard
of a time long ago when a man's bond was his word

Working or playing distracted and stressed
Senses confounded, trapped and surrounded
When the bell rang were you up to the test?

Trampled images red white an blue,
solemn oaths blood once shed, sacred honor,

buried with heroes now dead
Anthems last twilight at dusk's fall to night

Discarded ruins of a nation broken statues, covered with dust
Freedoms anchors corroded by rust

Did you hear freedoms bell ~ was it ringing or singing
When liberty fell?

Missing the signals one if by land, two if by sea,
The future is asking, what of the freedom promised to me?

Red white and blue now faded and gray
When they come to steal her what did you say
Silent to save her
You broke the promise
You gave Her away

Can you hear them crying
The ages calling ~ sighing
Filled with heartache and grief
Profound disbelief

What did you say What did you do

Your children are weeping ~ I can hear them say
Damn you for giving my freedom way

When they came to take her what did you do?
Were you one of the many or one of the few
Were you one of the many who stood idly still
Or did you protect and defend her with all of your will

When the time came the clarion call
did you stand to defend her, giving your all

Did you leave freedom's promise blowing wistfully in the wind?

When the bell rings what will you choose,
their freedom is yours to keep or to lose.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Will North Carolina Democrats be ‘feathered’ by the Tarheel State This Election Season?

North Carolina, the Tarheel state ranked as the 23rd most Conservative state managed to give Obama a narrow victory in 2008 and award him 15 electoral votes. For the Republicans to gain 8 seats in the fall Burr must win his re-election bid.

In recent history North Carolina has elected the Breck Boy Senator John Edwards, John Kerry's VP pick, failed Presidential contender, an admitted adulterer, and the purveyor of a nonsensical deceitful race baiting view of two America's as his campaign theme.

The Tarheels also voted to elect one of the left's constant targets of derision and hate, staunchly Conservative Senator, Jesse Helms, who retired from the Senate in 2002 and died in July of 2008, to five successive terms in the United States Senate.

You would be hard pressed to find two more politically polar opposites elected to the Senate by the same state.

Formerly a stronghold for Republicans, the state is demographically rated nearly 7% more Republican than the national average and recent elections appear to defy that statistic.

Incumbent Republican Senator Burr faces a tough challenge to hold his seat, however, as a result of Senator Burr’s polling statistics for the last three months, Real Clear Politics has recently upgraded this race as a leans Republican seat for the fall election. As shown in this link: http://realclearpolitics.blogs.time.com/2010/04/21/nc-sen-poll-dems-cant-catch-up/.

Wouldn't it be delightful to see large numbers of naked roosting Democratic chickens.

There is also some in depth analysis of the North Carolina primaries here, http://www.electionprojection.com/blog/tags/ncsen_2010.php

Thursday, April 22, 2010

As Hawaii Goes So Goes The Nation?

Whatta Stunner!

Hawaii is one of the bluest states in the Union and it has nothing to do with the fact that it surrounded by the deep blue sea!

It looks as if a Red Tide Tsunami can reach Hawaii, maybe, just maybe he is REALLY NOT THEIR FAVORITE SON, and instead of notes of Blue Hawaii, the really correct song is Red Sails in the Sunset!

From: From American Thinker, http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2010/04/how_bad_can_it_get_for_...

How bad can it get for Democrats? Example #5,671 by Rick Moran

What would you say if I were to tell you that a was ahead in a special election House race in Hawaii?

Yes, you read that correctly. In Hawaii, Republicans are usually as rare as hens teeth. But the dissatisfaction with the Democrats runs so deep, that even in the bluest of blue states, the GOP is very competitive.

How competitive?

Republican Charles Djou has climbed 15 points in the polls since January and is now ahead in the deep blue state! Charles Djou is currently leading the field in the latest polling. Djou held a "money wave" today for his campaign. He was hoping to raise $100,000. It looks like he will make it. You still have time to donate to his campaign for .
UPDATE: Djou raised $105,888 in his money bomb exceeding his goal by $5,888!

The special election is May 22 so there is still a long way to go yet. And the winner of this race will have to run again in November. But make no mistake, a lot of Democrats will be sweating if Djou can pull this off.



Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An Oddity, the Pennsylvania 12th Special Primary Election

One of the more unusual twist in a year of fairly stunning political circumstances can be found in the race for former Congressman John Murtha’s seat left vacant by his death earlier this year. Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional district, a seat which was held by Murtha for 36 years.

The winner of this currently open seat may find that he is a lame duck the same day he is elected to office if he does not survive his primary. Wierdly enough although he may win the special election, should he lose the primary even though he is the incumbent he may not run for the office in the fall. Even more bizarre the special election is on the same exact day as the states Primary, May 18th.

From RCP:

A McLaughlin poll (R) from Washington Post reports that it has "obtained" calls the race within the margin of error in the race to replace Jack Murtha between former Murtha aide Mark Critz and Republican businessman Tim Burns.
Mark Critz (D) -- 40%
Tim Burns (R) -- 39%
Another poll performed by Public Policy Polling -- who have a good track record with their public polling -- shows the Republican ahead:
Tim Burns (R) -- 44%
Mark Critz (D) -- 41%
The election will be held May 18, the day of the Pennsylvania primary.

And on this map it is listed as a toss up.


It is certainly just a bit more than quirky, from the article quoted below it is clear that the race is within the margin of error. And what is more surprising, according to this article:


“More than 40 percent of voters view each candidate favorably, with Burns enjoying slightly higher numbers. Only 33 percent of voters approve of President Obama, compared with 57 percent who disapprove. And in a finding that underscores why Critz has had to distance himself from the newly-enacted health care law, 59 percent of voters oppose the reform law. Combined with low approval ratings for Gov. Ed Rendell and Senator Arlen Specter, the poll reveals a political climate hostile to any Democratic candidate in the district, which narrowly backed John McCain for president in 2008.”

Even more entertaining, was Frank’s feedback comment from the same article:

Wow, these numbers are horrible for Democrats! Obama has a 33% approval rating in the 12th! Specter at 28%. Rendell at 24%. 28% support Obamacare. And this is a district where Democrats have a 2-1 voter registration advantage! No wonder Critz put out an ad denying the charge of being a liberal, haha.”

For us the good news is that President Obama’s magic has definitely worn off as qouted from the same article, … “It’s going to be somewhat amazing if Mark Critz wins this race given the way voters in his district feel about Barack Obama,” said Dean Debnam, the president of Public Policy Polling. “His low ratings are something a long time incumbent like Murtha might have been able to weather, but you wouldn’t expect Democrats to win an open seat anywhere that gives Obama an approval rating under 40 percent. Still, it remains a toss up with a month to go before the election.”

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sleeping Around With RINOS

You would think that the discussion of how to win would be clear.

When was the last time you actually decided to engage with, develop a long term relationship with a mealy mouthed milquetoast mixed message marginally interesting person who bored you to death?

Or when you gave money and time to some one that lied repeatedly, flirted incessantly with another and you still chose to continue the relationship. To add insult to injury you were also fed left-overs for dinner and you continued to suffer with a completely unsatisfying date, engagement, business partner or marriage?

While most of us will eventually leave those partners, lovers and friendships, we continue to dance with RINOS, and line up to vote for sloppy seconds and huge disappointments from Republican elected officials who not only take our support for granted but are all too often ethically challenged, and more often than not leave us to pay for their grandiose schemes and have a deaf ear to our complaints.

Year after year like someone addicted to some toxic relationship we return to the polling place and pull the lever for the likes of Arlen Specter, Olympia Snowe, Charlie Crist, Chelsey Graham, and the John McCain’s of the world.

I do not mean to imply that these are bad people. They just don't seem to understand who pays the freight and who sent them to one of the most select clubs in the world.

However, Congressional session after session these folks do things that really upset the base of the Republican Party. We let them know we are not happy. And they of course to reinsure their re-election make nice and take us to dinner or buy us some flowers or some fancy bauble and all is forgiven.

Then they do it again they reach across the aisle, and join gangs of 12, 14, 8, and support Amnesty, Cap and Trade, increasing taxes and fees, TARP, the Stimulus, The New Youth Corps, the list goes on and on. Worse still they act like this is OK. When we confront them we are hit with a wall of excuses and denial and obsfucation and never ending justification.

Party officials, pundits and others, commentators and talking heads who appear lost in personality and the medium continue to defend their support of these folks, and discount us and our opinions and even smear us, failing to understand the fallacy of their actions.

We will never win running as Progressives except in really blue states, and we should just leave them to their own devices. Let the Democrats bury blue states in their excessive tax now spend now worry later about what it cost break the treasury later policies.

We on the right find ourselves in a fight to save this great experiment that requires two healthy and vigorous parties for our Republic's designed electoral process.

The left seems healthy enough.

It is the right side of the aisle that is anemic and in need of a consistent message and a determination to move just a few degrees right of the center like 10 or fifteen. Then we can attract all those Independents that describe them selves as conservatives and embrace their common sense, no nonsense pay as you go, healthy community, attitudes and win lots of elections for a long time.

It is our message that counts. Our tent can be really large, but our message needs to be consistent, and frankly it has not been for a long time. We need to define our message and stay on point.

I think it is time we started looking for quality partners who will keep their end of the bargain and respect us enough not to sleep with the enemy.