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Monday, June 27, 2011

Obama~Over Hyped, Over Promised and Always Late

In private industry if you sell a product there are a few imperatives.
First, never ever lie to your client, or present a product that will not perform, or meet their requirements, or is illegal.  Businesses have an expectation that products goods and services will be delivered in a timely fashion agreed upon usually in advance of placing the order and in many instances have penalties to the final price if deadlines are not met.

Never publicly embarrass your client.

Never be late.  Never miss an appointment.  Never take too long to respond to your customers needs and concerns.  Call them as soon as possible when you receive a message.  Your clients time and money are an asset (your accounts receivable) to your employer or to you, if you are self employed.

Once you have broken a clients trust you will never fully regain it.

President Obama is guilty of all of these things, he has obsfucated his agenda, lied to the American Public, is not timely in his response to American hardship, refuses to accept his failed economic policies, has been rude to our allies and friendly to our enemies.  Obama has broken trust with the American voting public.

When Obama was elected millions of Americans voted altruistically for Obama to prove that this nation could and would vote for and elect a black man.

While Obama's carefully planned election won an electoral landslide the popular vote was not as narrow as the electoral college would indicate. His mandate is not as broad as the Mainstream media would lead the average voter to believe. 

The warnings signs of what an Obama Administration would promote as policy and agenda were there, but you had to work hard to find them. 

The mainstream media were so stricken by the 'charm' of Obama that they failed to fully vetted Obama's ideas, his history, policies and Obama's Post Modern Agenda American breaking ideas represented by Obama. 

This site has a review of the Obama Agenda and just how far his Republic breaking policies have evolved. Depending on your political biases this list will either have you dancing in your living room or terrified at the prospect of just how far this Post Modern American President's Agenda has taken our nation.

Obama has buried this nation in debt, and red tape. The Agendas that Obama was not  able to push through a willing 111th Congress were instead put into effect by Executive Orders. His most recent Executive order gives children of illegal immigrants college educatons.

Policy written by Cabinet Officers, from the Department of Health and Human Services, Sebeliuos has given over1400 waivers to allies and unions from the Health care bill.  Did you get one?

Ken Salazar has cancelled drilling leases and has placed many sites off limits in his restrictions on drillling and use of our natural resources, and Lisa Jackson, head of the EPA, is busy finding ways to limit drilling for oil and coal generated electricity, (causing the closings of 5 West Virgina coal burning plants), has turned off water to farmers in the San Juaquin Valley in CA, (causing their farms to go fallow and financial ruin). Steven Chu at the Department of energy, forcing a green agenda, and encouraging skyrocketing fuel and energy prices and his ridiculous position of all cars and roofs being white.  The new head of Financial regulations is writing policy that we will not discover until a few years into the future.

One after another cabinet officer is writing and creating red tape that interferes American freedom.  There are 34 very busy CZARS, writing hidden policy in offices, reporting only to Obama, who are outside of Congressional Oversight. Who can guess or imagine what vile freedom crippling policy these unregulated bureaucrats have written. Cabinet Secretaries and CZARS have permanently or temporarily made Obama's Agenda a part of our National Policy.

Obama has yet to produce a budget in 790 days and his singular latest effort failed in the Senate by a vote of 97 nays - to 0 yays.

In Obama's first Inauguration speech he promised a more transparent and open government, that bills would be placed on line for public view, he promised to change the tone and rhetoric in Washington DC. That never happened,   Republicans in the 111th Congress under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi were locked out of every piece of major legislation.  So far, things have deteriorated and the Democrats continue Obama's lead to obsfucate and delay policies that would improve our economy. 

During many national disasters since Obama's election, the ice storm in Kentucky in his first year, (never visited the state of Kentucky), the 500 year flood in Tennessee, (never visted Tennessee) and it took Obama over twenty one days to acknowledge the, and when the BP Gulf Oil Spill happened once again it was twelve or 14 days Obama reluctantly drug his feet to before he responded.  Under Obama's direction FEMA picks and chooses who will get Federal aid after floods, tornadoes, wildfires, and other emergencies.
Obama has directed Eric Holder US AG to file suit against Arizona and his Administration has encouraged 11 Central and South American nations to file Amicus briefs over SB1070, and now the state of Georgia for a similar immigration bill and Oklahoma cannot be far behind in receiving the same activity for trying to protect their state from unenforced US Coded Immigration laws on the books. Under the direction of Obama AG Eric Holder has decided not to prosecute voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Party, the trial for the attackers of the USS Cole remains on hold, and Holder is still seeking a venue to try military combatants in US Civilian Court.

Under the Obama Administration our borders are more porous, and Norton the Director of ICE is less than energetic about capturing or deporting illegal aliens who have broken US coded Immigration laws and statutes. The TSA under Janet Napalitano's direction has ever more invasive procedures flying Americans must endure to board a plane.  Under the Obama Administration the ATF conducted "Fast and Furious" an entrapment to sell guns to Mexican cartels, which have cost the life of one if not more Border Agent.

Obama has been rude to allies, Netanyahu in particular, the Dahli Lama, the Queen of England, (not just once but twice), and has embraced thugs.  We voted for Libya to be on the UN Human Rights Commission before we decided to wage war against Gdaffi.  Obama has demanded that Israel accept pre-1967 borders for peace with Palestine, yet is willing to meet Ahmedinnejab with no pre-conditions.  Was mute while hundreds of thousands packed the streets in Teheran during the green revolution, and later supported the mobs fueled by the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo and undermined Mubarek.

We as Conservatives, must be resolved that we will not split our vote, and give any third party candidates in the coming Presidential elections a vote.  We must be resolved to be active in the voting process, from working with our local county election boards to clean up voter rolls, and registering voters, educating ourselves and our neighbors to the threat Obama and his Post Modern Agenda is to our Republic and rally all we can to vote against a man that wants to 'fundamentally transform the' "more perfect union" in 1776

This is what is at stake. Our Nation. 

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  1. Thank you for the excellent column!! It falls to the American people to root out the ROT in our political class. I agree with every word of your column & just hope that the GOP is up to the task of providing the Tea Party-type leadership needed to oppose the utterly unseriousness of the Left!! If the GOP is not up to it, we may have a split on the Right too, since there is serious discontent w/ them as well!!