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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jobs~How To Re-Industrialize America

      Manufacturing Creates Jobs

In the late 19th Century and early 20th Century, it was not The United States Government that fueled the engine of the American Economy, but men with big dreams.

Visionaries like Thomas Alva Edison, Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell and Eastman and 100's of others began tinkering with notions to make life better and easier.  And the end result of all this tinkering by these inventive men led to more than a Century of American Economic dominence.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s American Ingenuity was not constrained by high taxes, mountains of regulations, agricultural subsidies, unions, or bad trade agreements. Those who immigrated to America assimilated, adopted our language, and embraced our culture.  The result was stunning.  Capitalism thrived, the free market prevailed, and America was jettisoned to greatness.  From sea to shining sea private development grew cities along rivers, in the prairies and mountains and on the coastlines of America.

Dump the 71,684 Page Tax Code

We must invite our manufacturing base home with an offer they cannot refuse.  If we make it attractive enough perhaps we can reclaim the 5.7 million manufacturing jobs we have lost in the last decade.

It is time for our Federal Government to live within the revenue it receives and not the revenue it has created in a 71,684 page tax code, licensing, regulatory fees, highway taxes, and an assortment of other taxes on usage and services in daily American life. 

America has the highest Corporate Tax rates in the world.  This must end, and the sooner the better.  We must embrace eliminating taxes on American job producers. In return for this tax free environment corporations must hire American workers and make products in America. We must not be the nation that is holding manufacturing back with a tax system that rewards sending jobs offshore.  We must not be the nation that kills our Agricultural Community with punishing Death Taxes when the head of the family farm dies.

We need to eliminate Price Controls and and make America a Right to Work Nation.

We must not be the nation that Assembles in America, We must be the nation that proudly stamps on our products MADE IN AMERICA.

We must be determined to free up capital and encourage investment in American factories and American Production by ending for once and all capital gains taxes, and taxes on profits.  Profit is not a dirty word or an immoral ideal.  Breaking even and bankruptcy has never created a single productive job. (Except for Bankruptcy lawyers and bill collectors).

It is past time to embrace the Ryan Budget plan and to address the train wreck of Entitlements this nation faces in the near future and to be bold and do what is necessary to fix them.  It is also time to stop co-mingling and the embezzlement of funds taken from American workers payroll checks, that are used for uses other than Social Security and the other deductions for which they are taken.  This is called stealing and those funds have been taken from individuals who had no choice in the deduction.

I am not an isolationist, but we must insist that our trading partners cease and desist in the trading practices that leave us with giant trade deficits.  If they will not level the playing field then it is time that we as a nation stop making the economies of other nations thrive at the expense of our own. 
In reality we are not only a nanny state to a wide percentage of the American population but also a nanny state to the world.  American consumption has created more than it's share of other nation's successes for more than 5 decades. It is time to review all of our Trade Agreements, and to confront our partners and insist they cease or greatly moderate thier tariff practices.  It is also time to review our defense alliances, and to move to change our free and unappreciated protection of our allies.  If  our  allies want the protection of our bases they should be contributing in dollars for the massive cost to the US tax payer spent for that protection.

A Fat Free Government

Our federal government is bloated.  In March of 2010 the Government Accounting Office issued a limited report identifying duplications of services for many programs across many agencies.  The problem begins with a budget process with an annual 7% automatic increase for spending.   This must stop.  We have not had a budget in over 800 days.  One continuing resolution after another prevents the judicious and sound review of government spending.

Not only is there a duplication of services in many programs, but under the Obama Administration many agencies and bureaus have been re-purposed or have directives under their Cabinet Secretary that take their daily activities far from their founding guidelines.

Why is the Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Department  part of a DOJ raid on Gibson Guitar?  How is it that the Department of Interior and the EPA can devastate farmers by starving their land of water to save a 2 inch fish in the San Joaquin Valley?

Bill after bill from the Obama Administration and even some GW Bush have increasingly intruded into the lives of everyday American citizens.

Why are we wasting billions on the TSA to scan innocent Americans when a saner policy would be to profile for those who match the demographic of one after another terror attack on 9/11?

We waste millions of dollars in foreign aid to buy friends. We even have foreign aid programs for China and Russia, we pay to have mosques restored in foreign nations where we are engaged in combat operations.  We pay to protect our allies (at no charge) to house bases on their soil.

And it is time to greatly reduce our contribution to the United Nations.  It has never met it's founding ambitions and is a social gathering place for thugs, despots and nations who do not share our values and rarely support the United States.

Since the founding of the Department of Education our country has become more illiterate and the Department of energy has not created any energy.  The only commerce the Commerce Department seems to be engaged in is intereference with the free market.

The Department of Interior should become the Department of National Parks, all BLM lands should be returned to the private sector and National Forest returned to their respective States.

Obamacare and the Dodd Frank Bill and Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac and the hostile takeover of Chrysler and GM show that our Federal Government should leave business to the private sector. 

Any plan that does not eliminate agencies that have outlived their usefulness, or who have now been repurposed from their original founding ideals need to be privatized or closed.
Not only should we embrace Ryan's Budget, but also the Connie Mack One Cent Solution. 

Our world is filled with turmoil.  Iran is seeking hegemony ine the Middle East we should all have deep concern over new alliances that are in bloom, the fact that China and Russia are one again beefing up thier capability, now is not the time to make deep cuts in this nations defenses, or to walk away from the space program.  The nations defense is the federal governments first priority.  Before defense is cut eliminating or privatizing federal agencies not identified in the constituition as a pracitce of the federal government should be our goal.
This nation needs a Balanced Budget. We must get our spending under control, we need more than a budget, we need sound fiscal policies that produce budget surpluses.  If a family should save for a rainy day so should our Federal Government. Any surpluses we acquire as a result of economic health should first be applied to the deficit to pay the 37 plus foreign nations we owe an astounding 14 trillion dollars.  Once we have achieved this goal all surpluses should be in a Federal Government Savings Account that will cover two years of Federal Government expense.  Once that goal has been achieved, we should reduce taxes again.  A debtor nation can never be a world leading power.

One size government does not fit all of America and it is long overdue for the the 50 Sovereign States to reclaim their sovereignty.

Drill Baby, Drill

It has been 43 years since the first oil embargo by OPEC.  43 years later we still do not have a sound energy policy to protect our economy, or drive this nations electrical, or transportation needs.  It has been decades since this nation has built any new Nuclear facilities, Dams, or Refineries.  Coal fired electric generation and nuclear electric generation are under continual attack.  Mining and drilling licenses and EPA studies present huge capital outlays before the ground is even broken for facilities and any resources recaptured.  

It is time to open drilling in ANWR and other known oil fields in the lower 48 states, and it is time to let leases for natural gas.  It is time to let leases for offshore drilling, and to license refineries to drive down the cost of gasoline. Opening up these natural resources would create over 1 million jobs. 

The Obama Administration loaned 2 billion dollars to Brazil for offshore drilling.

We have squandered a fortune equal to our national debt buying foreign oil from nations whose politics are very far from our founding principle.  We are held hostage to their demands.  Should at any time one of our major suppliers decide to stop delivering oil to the United States, our economy would be crippled.  With the resources this great naiton has we should never be in a position for that threat to be even a remote possibility. If you do not believe me look at the damage the OPEC embargo caused to the United States in 1973.

Windmill farms and solar panels will never generate the electricity necessary to fuel a 21st Century society. In the future in regions where there is plenty of sun it may be practical to fit homes with solar panels, but this should never be a federal government program, it should be an choice that an individual homeowner makes.  Our nation is blessed with an abundance of resources, coal, huge oil and natural gas reserves, hydro electric and thermal electric, sludge producing electric opportunities. We should make use of all of them.  It is time for the United States to become an energy omnivore.

Tear Up Throw Out Regulation
Regulatory costs exceeded all US 2008 corporate pretax profits of $1.463 trillion. 

If we really want to increase American Job production it is time to greatly reduce the regulatory burden placed on America's Private sector.  Our Private sector has been regulated to near death, our GDP in 2011 is hovering in the 1 percentile and below.  In the last week of August 2011 this nation did not produce a single job.  There are over 81,000 rules listed in the Federal Registry.

The EPA under Obama and 14 other agencies have signed onto an EJ MOU.  While Obama has placed a hold on the EPA's portion of regulations, 14 other agencies are still piling on to the pile of red and green tape that are production stealing, profit stealing business suffocating regulations.

In 2009, On Christmas Eve Obama Care was passed, and Kathleen Sibelius is busy writing regulations that if not stopped will impact every private citizen in America and have a negative impact on 1/6th of our National Economy.

The Dodd Frank bill passed in 2010 has hit a snag as Warren has departed to run for the Senate in Massachusetts and once those regulations have been penciled in by yet another beaurocrat they will likewise impact individual citizens.

34 Czars out side of legislative overview are busy writing policy and rules we all must follow.

If we addressed what sent our manufactures off shore, and for once and all tackled the Tax Code and Entitlements, made our government smaller and leaner, reigned in government spending, produced our own energy and greatly reduced the regulatory burden we could easily produce between 7 and 10 million jobs.

Enough jobs to return to full employment. 

And we would save this Great Wonderful Republic for future generations. 

Our founders took a solemn oath and we have a moral obligation to leave this nation strong and healthy for future generations.

God bless America and God bless the patriots who are willing to make the tough choices we must to make America home of the 'Shining City on the Hill'

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  1. Funny, when I was much younger-- something from Ft Knox had to leave the country to redeem the dollars lost as result of the monthly deficit. The balance of trade deficit was considered important by most Americans.. Now that we don't redeem them, or if we do, we redeem paper with paper, most Americans don't know even what it is,
    Sorry to change the subject on you.
    Melody-get a chance, my new website, kids spying.. I've got it all documented..