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Monday, November 21, 2011

The Big Engine And the Bad Conductor

Obama And the Democrats

Our nation has never faced this much difficulty.

Worse the difficulty is of our own making.

I am very sad tonight.  I have been watching the National Debt clock since November the 9th, 2011.

When I started my National Debt Clock watch our National Debt stood at $14,972,448,000,000 + ( the clock moves so fast you cannot possibly capture all of the numbers). And the Gross National Debt Ratio to GDP was 99.7331351% on 9/9/2011 at 2:44 p.m.

As I sit here heartbroken by the failure of our nation's leadership for their abominable track record of spend spend spend and failure to perform their sworn fiduciary duties I am beyond outraged.  I am heartbroken.

I feel every bit as powerless to stop this financial cancer that is consuming our nation and threatening it's every existence as I felt when I watched my mom, my best friend who forever championed me when she wasted away from a rare form of liver cancer but it was congestive heart failure that caused her demise.

I feel every bit as powerless as when I watched my brothers life leave him, but it was his wild life style and heavy drinking combined with diabetes and lung cancer that took his breath.

I feel every bit as powerless as when I watched my first and forever hero my father slip into a ninety day coma, before his frail and shrunken body finally surrendered from the ravages of old age.

And thus I am in mourning, filled with great sorrow as I watch the great economic engine of the United States waiting for the ambulance to arrive.  Waiting for nation saving coal to be placed in the engine, waiting for the engineer to slow down the train, waiting for the train to shed empty cars and waiting to for the whole crew to agree that our engine needs help. And I wondering who is going to stop the insanity before the big engine completely derails.

Sometime tonight when I am fast asleep, or tomorrow our National Debt like a tsunami will wash a red tide over the fiscal house of the United States.  Our National Debt is now 15 trillion 30 billion dollars and change.

Our National GDP is 15 trillion 31 billion dollars and change.  Huge numbers. Galactic numbers. Numbers so large you could not count that high in a lifetime.  Our Gross National Debt to GDP Ratio as I type is 99.9942721%.

Our National Debt is five times our annual revenues. We are the biggest debtors on the planet, we are the biggest debtors in the universe. The debt per individual, each and every citizen of the United States is $174,269.00.  The debt for each family is a staggering $660,578.00.

While the bureau of labor statistics says our unemployment is at 9.1% our National Debt Clock claims the 'official' number of unemployed is 13,895,654. And right below that statistic our National Debt Clock says the real number of unemployed Americans is 25,011,796.

Our entitlement debt load is equally frightening.  Medicare and Medicaid cost at the present is $825,056,380,185*.  The Social Security cost is $723,261,387,850*.  Income security (which consist of Supplemental Income Security, Earned Income Credits, Unemployment Compensation, Nutrition Assistance, Family Support, Child Nutrition, Foster Care and Making Work Pay) is $407,614,871,500*.
Federal Pensions are $212,918,734,685*.  Our interest on the Federal Debt is $218,261,493,650*
 (* These numbers are approximate as they are hard to capture as they rise faster than I can read and type.)

President Obama is racing around the world calling Americans lazy, saying we have gone soft.  And when he is not slamming the citizens of the United States on foreign soil, he is endorsing jobs in Indonesia by Boeing, while his National Labor Relations Board blocks Boeing jobs in South Carolina.  While he tours the country pushing for union jobs and shovel ready nonsense he kills an earth moving real shovel ready job the Keystone Pipeline that would boost our economy by at least 20,000 jobs and help serve our energy needs.

Unbelievably President Obama wants another stimulus package.  This Friday the Congress and Senate passed yet another Continuing Resolution, good only through December the 6th, 2011.  Our nation has not had an official budget in 935 days.

In August our nation suffered the first ever credit downgrade in our history. 

Instead of our leadership responding with a Code Red and placing this nation in intensive care they are bickering like small children.

And today is 11/21/2011 Our National Debt is 100% of our GDP.

The Supercommittee is not so super after all.  The Supercommittee has done exactly what they were designed to do.  They have failed.  This should come as so surprise.  This Committee is really outside of the Constitution.

Like a thief in the night, the proud legacy handed down for generations is placed in peril by cowards who we have elected. Our fiscal crisis is a result of years of reckless spending by both parties, has brought this Republic and every family to this point of financial hardship.

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