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Friday, June 18, 2010

Windy City Shakedown~And the Hollow Bully Pulpit

On January 20, 2008 a cold wind blew into the mall at the Capitol. America in her graciousness and altruism had elected the first sort of 'black' man to be President of the United States Of America, however he threw his white heritage under the bus years ago.

Now nearly 18 months later I wonder how many Americans wish they had not voted for this great pretender.

It was a momentus day. A day of history. There was pageantry, with ruffles and flourishes and a stuttered swearing in. I could coin Biden's famous four word qoute that starts off, "This is a big ______ deal" And it was.

The man with the thinnest resume ever, who had never even managed a lemonade stand was elected President. Every single detail of his life prior to Occidental is clouded and shrouded in mystery. Both parents dead, grand parents dead, no sign of childhood friends with fond memories, and not a trace of his scholastic records to be found or seen as they have been sealed. And I am not even going to even mention the saga regarding his birth certificate.

Nor will I mention the right Reverend Wright, Farrakhan, Rezko, or Frank Marshall Davis, or the likely theory that Bill Ayers, his neighbor edited or rewrote both of his books. Nor the fact that his license to practice law is I believe suspended. Or all his crazy SDS and Weathermen allies and supporters and the ranks of avowed marxist working outside of checks and balances as Czars.

Shortly thereafter it began. First a very unnecessary stimulus bill was rammed through the House and Senate by the super majorities that swept into office with him.

Then came all the disasterous appointments that could not be confirmed because they were all tax cheats. And the Americorps, and then he nationalized the car industry stole Chrylser and sold it to the Italians, and stiffed all the pensions that were tied to Chrysler.

Then came the never ending bowing and apology tours, reporters had tingly legs, he was almost like well, you know, just so cool, so detached, so intellectually superior that he needed a teleprompter to address a kindergarden class. And he started throwing old allies under the bus, the former Soviet States, the I Pod to the Queen. He strong armed big pharma, he strong armed the AMA, the AHA, and allowed SEUI to write both the stimulus and healthcare bills behind closed doors.

We may never know all the back room deals that were made to get that vile legislation through the house and Senate.

He stood in Istanbul and declared "we are not a Christain Nation"

He has missed the fact that with the exception of his minions in the congress and his cronies that the rest of the world has turned their back on his policies and agenda, His mea culpa world wide tin-eared myopic approach and lack of understanding of world history and events have exceeded even the fumbling of Jimmah Cartah. He appears so enamored of his own rhetoric, that he appears near delusional as he lurches from one outrageous claim after another about American values.

His foreign policy faux paux are beyond stunning from inappropriate gifts to foreign leaders and alliances with thugs and despots and supporting worldwide fraud. President Present’s views of the world have weakened America and made us look foolish. He squandered an opportunity to place the Iranian leadership in jeopardy, in his quest of non-existent moderation driven by the despots in the Middle East he has spit upon the sacrifice of thousands of this Republic's beloved heroes.

Then there is also the issue of Sestak and Romanoff and promises made to Specter for him to switch parties.

In the biggest catastrophe to happen in this nation's history he has dithered while the gulf is awash in oil. He strong armed and bullied BP this week, and the dirty little secret is that BP helped Lieberman and Kerry write this latest abomination of Cap and Trade.

His arrogance and lack of respect toward this nation and its history are repeatedly shown in yet one picture after another of him refusing to stand at a ceremony with proper regard.

Our first affirmative action diversity driven elected Commander in Chief has been exposed for the spoiled ungrateful arrogant fraud that he is. Like every other charlatan politician unprincipled deceiver his calculated selfishness and lack of understanding of American traditions, values and our founding principles will in the end be his undoing.

The bloom is off the rose and the smell of his detritus and lack of grace or humility are apparent to the world. The Nobel committee appears to have rightfully awarded him the Nobel Prize for nothing. ‘Nothing gained’ matches President Presents Foreign Policy achievements and exhibits his failures more beautifully.

Abraham Lincoln was in the end right when he said, "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time."

President Present will soon experience a life lesson in humility and might gain a deep and broad understanding of Lincoln's wisdom.

Nah, on second thought I doubt that his narcissism will not allow him to have that lesson the rest of us will at least get to laugh as we watch him fall from that perch directly on his ___________________.

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  1. We can only hope that the SRM (State Run Media) has at least as much self interest as they do gall. It would be a shame for them to miss out on the biggest flip in recent political memory.
    When the people of America voice their disgust at the machinations and fraud perpetrated upon them this November, the SRM best get in on the game.
    We will see it race around the world. All countries will have a say in the change in the power balance that we have a grand hope to expect.
    Canadians rightfully admit that what happens here affects them. Will their media be so forgiving as ours?
    We have seen the bastard in Chief given the most incredible of passes. I would imagine that somewhere out there, is a Pulitzer prize waiting for the man or woman willing to speak the truth into print what we are watching slime across our tv screens.
    All that has happened to our nation, and it is a "happening", like an accident or a trauma, is only a sampling of the absurd and ridiculous. I pray to God almighty, He will release us from this man and those at his beck and call, his handlers and those who look the other way.