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Friday, March 25, 2011

Kinetic Post Modern Ouija Board Diplomacy & Politcal Theatre of the Absurd

Once again in Libya like Afghanistan with the mujaheddin we are contemplating arming those who are more than likely our enemies. Who exactly are we helping and protecting, and who is in command and control of our troops?   

This administration's policy in Libya is more than a few days late and short of an organized coalition has our allies in some cases on different pages than the United States and less than clear or willing to make the contributions as promised. 

At this point one could argue it might be a credible exercise to fire every analyst and bureaucrat in the State Department writing policy and cleaning house at the NSA, NIE and the CIA.

It is fair to say these agencies appear to be wasting our money. When was the last time they were right? Given their track record a Ouija board, or a pin the tail on the donkey game or dart board would be as effective in determining who to arm or who is a reliable partner worthy of our investment of foreign aid dollars.

So far we have fired 170 tomahawks  at Gaddafi's forces, well near a 100 million dollars in missiles alone. That money hasn't bought very much peace or protection for Libyan citizens, or earned us any allies.

Both Democrats and Republicans alike are miffed and unhappy with how the Administration has handled the decision to use military force in Libya, and many  Congressmen are questioning the Constitutionality of the administrations choices for this action.

The Obama Administration is still in the unbelievable process of sorting out just who should be the front man  for the United States at NATO.   John Bolton in this interview said,  "...I do think there's a lingering problem here that could get worse. And that is, his willingness to allow Americans to be put under foreign command. Really, not since World War I, America's first entry under the European stage have we been under the ultimate command of foreigners. We've had interwoven commands in other battles. But he has very casually said, foreigners are going to command this in the next few days. I think that is something Congress ought to debate. I don't think there's a Constitutional issue here but I think there's a real issue of national security in putting our young men and women under foreign command."

It is more than obvious critical thinking is not emanating from either the Obama Administration, the Department of State or the NSA and CIA. Or the other more likely deduction is that the Obama Administration is so busy promoting their Post American Policy they refuse even the most obvious facts.  Facts that do not fit Obama's vile and apologetic vision of America and the World.

On Monday Obama is supposed to address  to the United States, and explain his policy.
Looks like the Obama Administration has a very bad case of Ready, Fire, Aim.


  1. Great post, Melody! The White House, and State Department, are playing "Heads it's Libya, and tails, it's Yemen"! Unbelievable!

    Clearly, this war in Libya is highly unconstitutional, and frankly, disgraceful, that The President would totally bypass Congress, and our Representation. And, clearly, while people like John Bolton are wrong about The President not needing Congressional approval for such 'offensives,' I totally agree with him, that no President should hand over control of our military to any foreign body! Which is an interesting point: As The Constitution says, The President is Commander of Chief; therefore, it he abdicates that responsibility to another Government, he is in further violation of our Constitution! Clearly, this administration has gone WAY off the rails! He better get his you know what into Congress and explain where he believes he derived this authority from!

  2. I had written this post the day after Obama committed our troops to Libya: http://ow.ly/4mL5x I get a little more into the specific Constitutionality, or in this case, unconstitutionality, of it.

  3. When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become President; I'm beginning to believe it.
    -- Clarence Darrow

    Interesting that France, England and Italy were the ones to push for this action. Italy because they are broke, stupid and need the oil. France and England because ... Oh ya, because they are broke, stupid and need the oil.

    The bulk of the Middle East malaise runs directly back in time to France and England signing in secrecy the Sykes-Pecot agreement which decided how they would split up the 'spoils of war' from the WW1 defeat of the Ottoman Empire.

    Ronald Reagan said of the Shaw of Iran in 1980 ... "...our betrayal of him is a sin we will not soon forget."

    George Bush made Qaddafi pay reparations for Pan Am Flight 103, discontinue his nuclear program and sit quietly in his little box.

    England released the terrorist charged with the bombing of the Pan Am flight, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, on "compassionate" grounds.

    In the past month and a half, France placed an Embassy in a town held by the rebel forces, made the first air sortie over Libya [sinking a 2&1/2 ton truck and a jeep, and then stepped back to wait for the US to make sure they would not get shot at anymore.

    Meanwhile our pretender in chief, tosses an ally of 30 years {Mubarak} under the bus, lets Qaddfi out of his box and commits our military without so much as a word of explanation to the American people or to Congress. {in addition to the 100 million $$$ in missiles mentioned by Mel, we also lost a F-15 aircraft, fortunately the pilots were recovered.}

    And the only words from obama that explain any of this is the statement he made while running for office.

    "Should the political winds shift, I will stand with my Muslim Brothers."

    And I say, "When are you going to stand with US?"

  4. Yea, I wrote a similar post too in The - Latest and Washington Examiner...


    Sad, isn't it? this little big secret open war?

    Kinetic military action...whatever the F that means...

  5. Great post and blog. The hypocracy of the left is shocking, isn't it?

  6. Great entry Mel.Too bad our great nation is leaderless at such a volatile time in the world's history.

    Violating the Constitution is always ok when the leftist do it,it seems.This does remind me of an article I read today where Joe Biden said in 07'that "a President who commits our troops without Congressional approval should be impeached."

    I wonder if Ol' 'hair plugs' still feels that way?

    Great job as always,Mel.Looking forward to your next one.