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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Whitehouse Bullies Promote The Obama Programme

Once again questionable activities have surfaced from the bowels of the Whitehouse. The political machine and re-election machine appears to be ginning up at the expense of American voters.

President Obama’s Director of Progressive Media Jesse Lee, an employee of the Executive Branch at the Whitehouse whose salary is $72,000 annually has been exposed in attacking  an individual citizen  for disagreeing with and holding different political views and expressing those opinions concerning President Obama's Policies and Agenda on Twitter.

The Obama machines first average citizen target was Joe the Plumber, who confronted Obama on the Campaign trail in 2008.

During the heated debate over the Healthcare Bill, which a majority of Americans did not support passing or being signed into law, Linda Douglas encouraged Americans to turn in their neighbors who were not in favor of the bills passage via emails sent to flag@whitehouse.gov .

No matter where you stand politically as an American citizen I hope you would agree with me that this smacks of policies one would expect to see from a totalitarian government, and should not be emanating from a Whitehouse in the limited government of this Republic by a Whitehouse staffer.

Obama should immediately terminate Mr. Lee and apologize to the American public for yet one more smarmy activity from his Administration.

Instead of using lowly minions in the basement of the Whitehouse to defend his Administration, President Obama should tell the voters of America why his Administration has refused to pass or write a budget in well over 790 days. 

For two years, until January 7, 2010 holding overwhelming majorities in both houses the Obama Administration could easily have passed and sent any budget they desired to swiftly be signed into law by a willing President Obama. 

Instead of following their Constitutionally required duties the 111th Congress rushed to push Obama's Agenda down the highway to America's ruin.  Instead performing their fiduciary duties, Democrats  pushed through bill after bill, making the Federal Government ever larger and adding trillions of dollars of nation breaking debt in bills read by no one, many of which ran longer than 1,000 pages.

In full disclosure, I have a twitter account, @prfekrdumbrella, and I follow @keder, and he does not follow me back, This blog was written without his knowledge.

*Correction, this afternoon at 4:38 CST @keder did finally follow me after I whined to him.  Just keeping the record straight.

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