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Friday, October 12, 2012

No Laughing Matter

Biden's Unbelievable Despicable Behavior

Laughing at America's Misery

I have watched every Presidential Debate from the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Richard Nixon Debate.  I was 14.  I have never missed one of them.  I also have watched the debates for Vice President.  In my entire life I have never seen a performance or behavior more offensive than Vice President Biden's in the debate moderated by ABC's Raddatz.

In after the debate summary, Chris Wallace stated: "Make no mistake about it, Mr. Biden's obnoxious, smirking, rude behavior on the debate stage was the most disrespectful performance of any presidential or vice-presidential candidate in the history of televised election debates, which goes back to the 1960 contest between then -vice President Richard M. Nixon and Sen.John F. Kennedy.  In the end, the arguments and messages of the two candidates this week didn't matter so much because Mr. Biden suffered an overwhelming loss on the likability scorecard.  Ass Brit Hume characterized the match, "It looked like a cranky old man debating a polite young man."

Vice President Biden's juvenile eruptions of uncontrolled behavior did not help the Obama Campaign according to this column from the Washington Times:

When Paul Ryan discussed traditional American values, if you believe in America's founding and the Constitution, rule of law, the pursuit of happiness Biden laughed at you.

The families who lost loved ones on 9/11/2001 are not laughing.

The families who lost loved one in the attack of the USS Cole are not laughing.

The families who lost a husband, father, mother son, daughter on the battleground in Iraq and Afghanistan are not laughing.

The families who lost 14 loved ones (one of the women was pregnant) in Nadal Hassan's jihadist attack on Fort Hood November 5, of 2009 are not laughing.

Ice Agent Jaime Zapata's family is not laughing.

Border Agent Brian Terry's family is not laughing.

Ambassador Stevens' family is not laughing.

Foreign Service Information Officer Sean Smith's Family is not laughing.

The Family of Former Seal and private security contractor Glen Doherty who was slain in Benghazi are not laughing.

The Family of Former Seal and private security contractor Tyrone Woods are not laughing.

23 Million Americans who cannot find work are not laughing.

46 Million Americans on Food Stamps are not laughing.

6.3 Million Americans who have fallen into poverty since Obama took Office are not laughing.

830,000 Americans who have given up looking for work are not laughing.

599,000 Americans who lost manufacturing jobs since Obama took office are not laughing.

Veterans of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who are fighting for their health care benefits are not laughing.

Unemployed Coal Workers who are out of a job because of Obama's EPA are not laughing.

Indiana pensioners who were sold old when Obama nationalized Chrysler and sold Chrysler are not laughing.

Employees who worked or Saturn when Obama's car Czar killed that GM division and refused to sell it   are not laughing.

The millions of American heroes who have defended our freedoms with their last best measure for our freedoms and ideals are not laughing, they are weeping.

Vice President Joe Biden was anything but 'Vice Presidential' in last nights televised Debate.  He was beyond precocious and petulant.  He behaved beyond childishly.  Biden behaved even worse than a child afflicted with Attention Deficit Disorder or Autism, who are truly disabled by these diseases.  Biden was anything but an adult.  Biden's antics were an insult to every American Taxpayer.

Growing up behavior like this in my parents house usually ended with some form of punishment after a long discussion of why my behavior was inappropriate.

I was more than offended by Vice President Biden's inexplicable behavior.  Saddened for those in America who are suffering as a result of the Obama Administration's hapless policies.

Once again last night I went to bed enraged.

What is happening to my beloved Republic is NO Laughing Matter

November 6th 2012 cannot come soon enough for this voter.

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  1. Last night while watching the VP debates I sat wondering in what universe this foolish behavior of Biden's could ever be considered funny. I saw nothing amusing, nothing titillating, nothing worth smiling over. The thought that Biden (whether coached or not) would act so disrespectfully to another American statesman in front of the American public is beyond appalling.
    Everything I have seen and surmised about the Democrat party over the last many years was brought to full light last night before the tv viewing public.
    His stunning that political antics and outrageous rudeness would ever be considered an acceptable tactic to be used to push forward a parties particular ideology.
    This reminds me of of the time Milton Street, former Philadelphia mayor John Street's brother, acted like an ape before the cameras when questioned, scratching his armpits and contorting his face.
    One is embarrassed for the loved ones of such patently offensive idiots.
    Good blog Mel. May Good help us.