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Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Great Chair Wreck Of 2012

 The Sad Remains of An Empty Chair

If you are not on the right side of the aisle what happened in Denver last night has made you very unhappy.

The first Presidential debate held in Denver Colorado for the 2012 general election cycle was a debacle for sitting President Obama. Challenger Mitt Romney rapidly fired facts and statistics in a barrage of a shock and awe presentation of Leadership and command of the moment.

Obama showed up in Denver last night and he exposed himself as unprepared, foolish, and an amateur. Obama looked anything but Presidential.

Obama was assaulted by an unrelenting command of facts by Mitt Romney. Romney's 25 years of private business experience as an executive left Obama looking more like the chair above than the empty one Clint Eastwood spoke to at the Republican National Convention not so long ago.

"I have not begun to fight!"~
John Paul Jones September 23, 1779
(Mitt Romney did not pose for this portrait
but it sure looks like him!)
What was clear to this viewer is that Obama was wholly unprepared for this debate.  A format that stripped him of his traditional straw man responses to fact after fact by Romney.

The audience couldn't save him. Even if applause had been allowed, while it may have energized Obama it could not hide he was unprepared. I imagine that democrats in the audience were likewise in shock by Obama's weak efforts to defend his policies.

Obama's body posture and facial expressions gave away both his frustration and defeat.  He never looked his challenger in the eye, instead choosing to smirk and frown into the podium.

As if the debate were not bad enough for Obama Frank Luntz had one of his panels of Republicans Democrats and Independents that watched the debate and dialed up their responses. 13 of the twenty-four voted for Obama. They were devastating in their criticism of President Obama and he lost nearly all of their votes.  If this translates to voters nationwide this is big trouble for Obama.

John Nolte, Editor of Breibart has a brilliant assessment of Obama's disastrous debate performance that lays bare the lack of integrity in today's media.

Presstitutes and Pundifibaitors on the left were in complete meltdown and shock. While the left was crying in their cold porridge Chris Matthews went into a full blown meltdown .
Al Gore is blaming the high altitude for Obama's empty performance,  media on the right lit up with one after another celebrations of Romney's tour de force performance.

What facts Obama did present Romney not only challenged but buried in truth. Obama was as defenseless as Ambassador Stevens in the Benghazi Terrorist Attack and Brian Terry facing drug cartel AK-47 armed smugglers with bean bags for bullets.  If Romney's next Townhall and debate are as successful, last night indeed was not a game changer but set the marker for Leadership that Obama cannot deliver.

We sure enjoyed our popcorn last night!

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