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Monday, April 26, 2010

The 60% Solution

Poll after poll and study after study indicate that 60% or more of this nation view themselves, their thoughts and values as conservative. Whoever champions those values should never lose an election, unless the Democrats move back towards the center and find their blue dog voice.

From The American Thinker
..."Since June 2002, the Battleground Poll has asked this same question in its demographics section, and in fifteen consecutive polls, the answer has always been the same. Americans overwhelmingly describe themselves as conservative. What does "overwhelming" mean in this context? The percentage of Americans who call themselves conservative in these polls has never been less than 58% (conservative strength was that at its lowest point through these years in December 2007, when "only" 58% of Americans described themselves as conservative.) There has been a remarkable consistency in the responses to this question. Over the course of these polls, 60.2% of Americans, on average, call themselves conservative.

The results of the April 2010 Battleground Poll show that nothing has changed. Fifty-nine percent of Americans in the latest Battleground Poll call themselves conservative; two percent of Americans call themselves moderate; thirty-four percent call themselves liberal; and five percent were either unsure or refused to answer. Remove the "Unsure/Refused," and sixty-two percent of Americans are conservative. Stories from the establishment media, like USA Today and the L.A. Times, conveniently miss the underlying story about the April 2010 Battleground Poll."

This begs the question of who is crafting the message, or lack thereof, for the Republican Party? Recent elections show that the Right has been unable to capture and use that majority to the Party's advantage!

Why is it that the Right has been unable to find their voice? What message is it that both Republican and Conservative candidates appear unable to articulate, or cannot address and are missing in their talking points that voters need to hear? Or, even worse what message are they not sending at all that needs to be communicated in a clear and consistant voice that would resonate with voters insuring our values as a ruling majority for decades?

The American voting public has been manipulated back and forth by both parties in an indiscernible cloudy message of altruistic falsehoods fostered by false progressive populism. The end game for us on the right is when our message is shaded only slightly differently than the message from the left, is we lose. We lose because the left's hypnotic mantra is not our true message. The voter, given the same progressive message from both sides, will choose the one that rings more true. Since the left's message seems more genuine they win more often than they should.

Both parties currently lie to the left of Center when it comes to values, while Americans live by conservative values, just right of the center, as the Battleground poll indicates an astounding 60%.

We as voters are ill served by ever more progressive choices from both parties who continually serve up candidates to choose as elected officials. It is a never ending game of bait and switch, toxic compromises and deal making. A seemingly smarmy landscape of back room schemes and machinations which insures American voters are continually faced with voting for the lesser of two evils. The rules are fast being set so that real sensible policies and the truth are the least desirable goal, and perpetuating power and incumbency the desired end game.

If, in the struggle to elect good leadership, the argument from the right remains clouded in some post modern progressivism, and personality, and who is cool or hot, we as a nation will remain trapped in a no win game, far from our founding principles with very disturbing outcomes.

As a Conservative, who, at this time to insure my vote is not wasted, votes currently with the Republican Party, I strongly believe it is critically important that our side fashions a message that will capture the hearts, minds, values, and aspirations of that 60%.

In 2008, Senator McCain, honorable hero that he is, lost sight of his inner values and appeares to many voters to have sold out. He never set himself apart from his opponent in policy and was too willing to sacrifice principle for compromise. His willingness to compromise the conservative values of that 60% cost him the election. The polls statistically prove my point. Look directly at his polling numbers. When he made the decision to halt his campaign and be a Senator as a opposed to being a leader during the frist bailout, Tarp, there was a twenty point swing that week end.

Our current circumstances are a direct result of placing personalities before principles. We are racing, at break neck speed, from our founding fundamentals. This can be seen in our everyday life, how we do business, how we govern ourselves and the examples we set for our children.

My suggestion to those Republicans and Conservatives running for office is to make sure your points resonate with American values, tie initiatives to ideals which not only recieve an active sympathetic response, but induce voters to actions. Ask them what they would have you do to gain their vote and keep the promises you make.

Americans, in particular the 60% reflected in the Battleground polls, are a pretty candid bunch. 60% of Americans are yearning for a leader who will identify with and respond to their needs and aspirations leading through principal and example. Until the Republican Party finds its resonate voice we will remain out of power.

Unfortunately, this current power hungry administration leaves us facing the very proposition that we may have only one election cycle left to start cleaning up the mess. Unless we can make a difference in 2010, 2012 will not matter.

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  1. Brilliant. One of the best things you've written and worthy of a professional publication. Great work!