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Sunday, April 25, 2010

When Liberty Fell

Home of the brave and land of the free
Honored revered gone forgotten, now a memory
Ballads and anthems clarion call, never more sung after the fall

Songs of hope for poor, tired, huddled masses
gone the visions of freedom though rose colored glasses
of a life full of promise no longer heard
of a time long ago when a man's bond was his word

Working or playing distracted and stressed
Senses confounded, trapped and surrounded
When the bell rang were you up to the test?

Trampled images red white an blue,
solemn oaths blood once shed, sacred honor,

buried with heroes now dead
Anthems last twilight at dusk's fall to night

Discarded ruins of a nation broken statues, covered with dust
Freedoms anchors corroded by rust

Did you hear freedoms bell ~ was it ringing or singing
When liberty fell?

Missing the signals one if by land, two if by sea,
The future is asking, what of the freedom promised to me?

Red white and blue now faded and gray
When they come to steal her what did you say
Silent to save her
You broke the promise
You gave Her away

Can you hear them crying
The ages calling ~ sighing
Filled with heartache and grief
Profound disbelief

What did you say What did you do

Your children are weeping ~ I can hear them say
Damn you for giving my freedom way

When they came to take her what did you do?
Were you one of the many or one of the few
Were you one of the many who stood idly still
Or did you protect and defend her with all of your will

When the time came the clarion call
did you stand to defend her, giving your all

Did you leave freedom's promise blowing wistfully in the wind?

When the bell rings what will you choose,
their freedom is yours to keep or to lose.

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