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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Making of Less Than Equal

Less than Equal. Less than whole, lost in vagueries and undefined mediocrity and failure America must find our drive for Excellence.

If, in the struggle to elect good leadership our arguments remain clouded in personality, and who is cool or hot we as a nation will remain like a tethered ball that is whacked around at dizzying speeds from one extreme to the other.

We, the people, are the ball or shuttlecock and our government has become the racket. We are whacked back and forth in a game by elected officials whose schemes and machinations guarantee that we will be whacked back and forth until we are worn out. The rules are fast being set so that winning is the least desirable goal. The object is to keep all players and equipment on the same Progressive playing field, with very limited outcomes.  Ties and mediocrity are awarded and desired. The cruelty of mass uniformity at the cost of personal excellence a desired result.  Mediocrity sought as the highest achievement available.

Our current sociologic circumstances are a direct result of placing personalities before principles, and  America is racing at break neck speed from our founding fundamentals, teaching about them, or honoring them.

In the last fifty years one of the foulest affronts to the premise that we are all created equal with a guarantee to pursue happiness is the sham of Affirmative Action and it's practice of dumbing down America. To determine that someone is less and therefore more deserving flies in the face of the primary founding principle at the creation of this nation.

The practice of this favoritism flies in the face of the most basic premises in our founding documents, that we are all equal under law, and have a right to pursuit of happiness. Because one is better at the pursuit, and has applied themselves and worked harder than another does not mean that person who has applied themselves harder should be punished and passed over by the person who is truly less able and who has only succeeded as a result of 'given points' at the expense of the person who has worked harder to achieve their goals.

Following this logic that less equals more deserving and therefore should be given preferential treatment and bonus points for being less reinforces the slow march to failure of the lowest common denominator.

As a voting public we have been slowly force fed marginally capable individuals as candidates who have advanced well beyond their abilities. And today's cafeteria is filled with not only boring but also mundane inarticulate uninspiring candidates.

In the late 60s or early 70s a book was published called the Peter Principle, a study about the social dynamic of promoting the unable and underachievers. Much fun was made about loose cannon Dicks who said what you wanted to hear, who spoke in easy cool short meaningless yes, yes, yes, phrases, who were awarded promotion and success without a record to support their postiton.

Today we are witness to both corporate America and our Government overrun by individuals who have been promoted well beyond both their vapid intellect and ability to perform. They not only lack a firm commitment to doing the right thing, but also appear completely unable to recall or remember promises made to the voting public. Every day we witness this activity in the weakness of elected officials resolve, and their duplicitous actions. Those who promise one thing and do another. Further they appear unable to solve a single problem because they are intellectual frauds, sellouts and con men.

This sad state of affairs is compounded by the multiple undermining engines, which are shaking the very foundation of this great nation.

The first is a voting public a product itself of the search for the lowest common denominator.  Voters who have become jaded with apathy as a result of the arrogance exhibited by many elected officials engaged in back room deals. Unable in many instances to comprehend complex double speak that is tiresome and a challenge to keep up voters abstain from their Constitutional responsibility. The main stream media gives voters a pass and excuses them due to the pressure of modern American culture and a lifestyle that celebrates easy come easy go and at the same time discourages serious thinking talk or debate, and in the process voters become shame bound by their lack of action.

The quest for the lowest common denominator has placed this nation in a position of having a population unable to discern or identify clear ethical/moral objectives. A citizenry who are intellectually lazy, who also will look for fast easy fixes, ways to cheat by howling about additional points, and uninspired as those who have been awarded knowingly enable the morally indefensible because the fix at least for some will be in, and the reward is they can get grades, placement, employment that is meritoriously undeserved.

The result of this National acceptance of lowest common denominators has resulted in large segments of our society unable to identify facts from fiction.  This segment has traded self fulfilling individual acheivement and chosen the slide from the quest for excellence to the social engineering of aspiring to failure.  A nation breaking culture that awards the least marginally able, by promoting the lowest common denominator with favoritism and punishing excellence.

Many Public school districts schools have ceased to recognize Valedictorians and have eliminated that part to their program graduation programs.

Frequently less qualified low performing or inadequately able applicants are selected to fill positions, and openings to satisfy the drudgery of diversity and graying of the masses.

Take a look at where we are as a society after fifty years of diversity, and the cost we have paid in our integrity by making judgments solely on their cover,  awarding under acheivement  buttressed by awarding what looks good and how buying what feels good has placed us exactly in the national crisis we face.

This dumbing down of America, and the resulting damage from affirmative action and enforced promotion of the less competent, intellectually lazy undeserving has trickled to the bottom of our national community.

Worse still, the curve of this infection has finally reached our highest offices and positions of trust. We find ourselves with officials in office completely unprepared and unable to meet the challenges they face. No matter the issue our leaders appear unable to perform satisfactorily to any standard an informed and reasonable voter would find acceptable. Look at the approval rating for both Congress and Senate over the last 6-7 years.

The second failure can be seen in the disconnect that is apparent in the actions of the elite 549 who govern us from an isolated bureaucratic setting, apart from the voters they 'serve' and more equal in every way possible from what our founders envisioned. If national health care passes we will become a caste society after 233 years, when by law our elected officials will have given themselves access denied average Americans.

The problems of affirmative action and aspiring to the lowest common denominator and a curriculum that celebrates failure has us lost in a morass of moral equivalence, sexual ambiguity, celebrating celebrity and denigrating heroism. We seem unable to discern right from wrong, our laws exhibit little value for the frailest of human life at its beginnings and soon will encourage euthanasia for our most senior and physically challenged and seriously ill individuals, meanwhile giving a pass to promoters of all back room deal making, giving a pass on fiscal responsibility and pandering to the highest bidder, with an arrogance to our founding documents.

Our leaders justify all that they do in the name of affirmative action or diversity, and appear unresponsive, and with each election prove they are more than derelict in their duties.  It would appear the inmates have truly taken over the asylum.

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