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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Debt Crisis Chicken Dance By President Present Without A Plan

In an incredible  continuing display President Obama and his Administration and the Democratic Party have been exposed in a deadly game of Chicken. 

Now this would be funny if this game were not about the future of the United States, and threatening an Economic Collapse.

Obama and his Administration are continuing to stonewall not only the Congress with a Republican Majority, but the American voters.

I Searched the Internet, for several days, and I could not find one link for the President's Plan.

Where is the President's Plan? 

The President has not put forward a plan, or even apparently contemplated one since the last Debt Ceiling increase in May of 2011.

Senator Reid and the Democrats in the Senate have every intention through arcane Parliamentary Procedure in the Senate to deny any plan put forward by the House.  Senator Reid called a vote to table the Cut Cap and Balance Bill put forward by the house last week.  It cannot even come up for a vote again in this session unless Senator DeMint and other Republican Senators find a way around the Senate Rules to bring it up for another vote.

In one Press conference after another in recent weeks President Obama compared himself with President Ronald Reagan.  President Obama is no Ronald Reagan.

Democrats are floating the idea that Obama can on his own raise the debt ceiling with out Congress, and Whitehouse officials are denying the President is considering doing this.

Maybe this President thinks he can run around Congress and write an Executive Order...

Who knows.  Since the President has not even said what he would do any wild speculation based on his behavior of what he would do when he cannot get his agenda passed through Constitutional means is up open to Pin the Donkey Tail on the Debt ceiling.

Is Obama having a mid life crisis?  He turns 50 on August 2nd, and has plans of  a huge fund raising party in Chicago.

Does President Obama like Nixon have an enemies list, if he does he might as well add me and millions of other American voters to it if he lets America Default and lose it's Triple AAA Bond Rating.

If the President who thinks being Present allows through his defiance this Republic to Default he is indeed the worst President in US or World History.  Even the President of Greece was able to cut spending.

In 2012, like millions of other Americans, I have a vote.

I intend to exercise my right to vote, and I will encourage every other voter like me, to vote against  this Agenda driven President.  

My vote and the votes of many other ignored, threatened, and unhappy voters will hand this President who finds our Constitution fatally flawed a colossal Electoral Landslide loss.

A loss President Obama has truly earned, a result of his fatally childish, unserious, wholly Agenda driven Presidency.  


  1. Amen and Amen. If the GOP had a spine - the DEMS would shoot themselves in the foot faced with prospect of turning DOWN balancing the budget. But if GOP split results in inaction - perhaps BHO will overreach and try that 14h Amendment thing. If he thought townhalls were bad 2 summers ago.....

  2. I hope you are right. I cannot even imagine another 4 years of this President