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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Democrat's Titanic Syndrome and The Rising Red Tsunami

Too Big to Fail! ‘Unsinkable’

Democrats are either disregarding the iceberg’s of public opinion surrounding them or thinking the Red Tsunami that is headed their way will not reach their district, or impact their seat.

Since his election, the Captain of the US Democratic Party, President Obama and his Administration have been dissmissive of and have been showing his opposition nothing but arrogance. Both the President and his Administration appear to the American public in polling data (as high as 70% in some polls) to be lost at sea in a fog of self-delusion and are defiantly tin-eared to the 'noise in the background', along with, the DNC chairman and the rest of the Democratic leadership.

It also appears that the the main-stream media in it's reporting has also ecercised either an editorial blind eye or a tin ear to what average every day working Americans are expressing. The left appears to live in Wonderland, and from their coverage it appears editorially their decisions must be based on a premise of if they can play ostrich long enough and pretend we do not exist we will go away.

NO way are we going anywhere but to vote this fall, and to Tea Parties, Town hall meetings, and visit our representatives. We are all going to watch all those rats drown in their own hubris.

This movement has a big clue for them-- we will not go quietly down with the ship. We have commandeered all the lifeboats and socialist, mad spending hidden deal making traitors and sleazy liars are doomed to a cold watery death and certain losses at the polls this coming election season.

The signs are every where, even the media is starting to demand real press conferences.

President Obama, appears to be too busy reading his own press, speeches, and accepting advice from ‘Team Obama’ and listening to his own MP3s, reading praise on CNN, CBS, while in the real world his poll numbers have cratered. Even in the polls done by those networks, and pollsters on the left the numbers are dismal.

While President Obama my think that his never ending appearances and his bully pulpit brow beating speeches suggesting Tea Partiers and those who do not support him, thank him, or that that ploy is going to help him with Independents and moderates he is wrong. If he also believes that 'Team Obama's' crisis manufacturing is going to gin up support he is also ill advised. This sort of behavior and stance from his Administration will continue to deflate his approval ratings and dampen support for his agenda and will not impress Independents or moderate American voters; as shown in this link of Right Direction, Wrong track poll from Real Clear Politics, which continues to track poorly for this administration.


President Obama and the Democratic Party are in for a very rude awakening.

Any perusal of current polling data would lead the conclusion that Ann Coulter made in her book, “If Democrats Had Any Brains The Would Be Republicans”. It is more than obvious to many right thinking Americans that the current strategy of the leadership of the Democratic Party’s agendas and policies are not in sync with the average American voter.

The ABC News Poll showing just how damaging the numbers are for Democrats this fall and can be found here:


From that article, … “A third of registered voters are inclined to reelect their representatives in Congress, the fewest since the Republican Party rode voter discontent to control of the House and Senate 16 years ago, according to a new ABC News-Washington Post poll.

Nearly six in 10 said they'll instead look for someone new come the fall elections

And from the same story, “…Intensity on some issues, though, is another challenge for the Democrats. More Americans "strongly" disapproved than strongly approved of Obama's performance on the economy (39 percent vs. 24 percent), on financial regulation (33 vs. 22 percent) and especially on the deficit (42 vs. 20 percent). To the extent that strong sentiment can motivate voter turnout, it's a risk for Obama and an opportunity for the Republicans."

There is also this excellent analysis from Jay Cost at Real Clear Politics, in this article, Predicting the 2010 Midterm Election Results, found on this page, http://www.realclearpolitics.com/horseraceblog/

“…Are the Democrats going to lose seats in November? Almost certainly. Are they going to lose "a lot" of seats? Probably - the macro trends generally point in that direction, and we do know enough to get an approximate sense of how things will play out. Is it going to be seat losses in the 20-40 seat range, 40-60 range, or 60+ range? Nobody knows yet.
I understand that people want to see into the future. Lord knows I do. Analysts are already working hard to satisfy this demand by proffering all sorts of arguments. Their assertions are useful - but only to a point. I've come to believe that congressional elections are a poorly understood phenomenon, and I would encourage you to be a cautious consumer of predictive punditry."

Further this Gallup Poll, should also give Conservatives and Republicans cheer and cause even more concern for Democrats running for office this year.


So fellow patriots, man the decks, hide your life boats, make sure your voter registration is in tact, talk to your neighbors and ride the Red Tide this coming fall.

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