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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just Say NO!

Republicans need to grow some backbone. The habit of aiding and pushing forward bad legislation from the Democratic party needs to stop. Just today Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins broke the filibuster to move the Financial Reform Legislation through, and ugly invasion of personal finances whose ramifications will be disclosed only after it has passed.

There is no guarantee that McConnell can hold his minority to block the nation killing Cap and Trade Legislation.

The Health Care bill would have never made it to the Senate floor without the help of a Single Republican Senator.

Cap and Trade would not have passed the house with out the aid of 8 Republican Congressmen who signed on to that fabricated Nation breaking nonsense.

We can blame the Democratic Congress all that we want, but it is just whistling in the dark as there is always some one from the right side of the aisle who will perform the famous reach across the aisle maneuver, and with a the 'pat on the back good buddy system' of doing business in Washington D.C. reach and pat their pals back and be enablers complicit in these dirty deeds.

Every Republican that voted for not just these bills, but add TARP, the Stimulus, the GM and Chrylser Bailouts and the gangs of 6, 8, 12 and 14, to this list would fall into that category.

Already it is sounding as if Elena Kagan, who by the way helped to bury Obama's scholastic records, will sail through the Senate.

Our elected officials would be wise to pay attention to the growing level of contempt that the average American voter has for them and their job performance, and this is more than evident in this recent poll from Gallup,


Why the Republicans in the 111th Congress and Session of Senate have not barricaded themselves in the House and Senate and voted not just NO, but NO UNTIL HELL FREEZES OVER is beyond me.

Any Congressman/woman that voted yes for the health care bill should have to surrender their special cushy best in the world coverage and likewise receive what they are asking Americans to accept.

It it is my opinion that that the members of the Republican Delegation lack a spine.

All the good the efforts of a few Republicans in the House over the energy bill before the 2008 Elections by barricading themselves in the House and almost (only a few did this I might add) looking like Congress finally after nearly 40 years had a clue about energy, you and your 'Honorable' friends and enablers lost. While the Senate did in the end form a wall of NO they were well too late to effectively stop the Democrats from gobbling up 1/6th of the economy in a 2,000 page bill NO ONE READ.

The Republican Delegation has sure rolled over and played dead since then. Graham even had enough gall to co-sponsor a Cap and Trade bill with John Kerry and Joe Lieberman, despite common knowledge that the science behind this lie was cooked. And the whole idea is the largest fraud and scam in World History.

My advice to our Republican elected officials ...grow a backbone or find yourselves out of a job.



PROTECT THIS NATION, Even though the Democrats have the votes to get what they want do not compromise.

JUST SAY NO UNTIL November 2, 2010, and keep up the pressure through January.

America will reward those with enough courage to defend this nation and our Constitution if you and the rest of the members of the House who are Republicans JUST SAY NO we will honor you with another term.

JUST SAY NO and we will keep our bargain and we will honor you with another term.

Congressman and Senators, Sirs and Madames, if you and the other Republican Representatives find it necessary to join with Democrats and vote yes on any of their introduced Bills and legislation we the the American public will find it necessary to support and vote for someone who will listen to us and we will remove you and the rest of the enabling Republicans along with the complicit Democrats from office in 2010, if not in 2012.

We the voters will exercise the power vested in us by the Constitution, and we will insure Lincoln's words, "that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain -- that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." are honored.

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