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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Senator Bob Bennet Compares Tea Party To Jimmah Carter

Bob Bennet like many others failed to listen to his constituents. And he like many in Washington, even after a defeat that should have sent him to personal reflection, does not understand this movement.

Like many in public office and in both parties, and the main stream media, our elected officials and government servants starting with President Obama and his administration think that they can continue to shove their agenda down out throats.

He seems to think that it was inappropriate for him to have suffered the consequences of his votes.

What a pathetic bitter old man. Maybe he and Arlen Specter can start a support group.

His bitter comments can be found in a Washington Post Editorial piece, dated for release tomorrow, found here,

The first salvo from the man who fell from grace because like others in the Capitol who are public servants, who also did not listen to his constituents, is this:

..."Unlike Carter, Reagan had more than slogans. He came to Washington with a clear plan to revive the economy and overhaul the tax code, revitalize the military, and, most important, boost the national spirit. He saw the Republican Party as a "big tent," and he successfully did what is considered political suicide today: He worked across party lines and tried to find compromise.

With Carter, Democrats had the White House for one term; with Reagan and the first George Bush, the Republicans held it for three. That has happened only once since World War II.

There's a profound lesson in this for the Tea Party movement
Guess he didn't understand the message. In January he can apply for unemployment, or maybe he will like Specter switch parties to seek re-election.

Unbelievably he goes on in his complete inability to understand this movement and our contempt for what arrogant elected officials who think that they know better that their constituents further states,

..."Their two strongest slogans are "Send a message to Washington" and "Take back America." I know both very well because they were the main tools used to defeat me in Utah's Republican convention two weeks ago. They also worked in Kentucky on Tuesday. They are more powerful than most pundits inside the Beltway realize.

Yet when the new members of Congress whom these slogans elect in November take office, the question becomes: Will they be Carter or Reagan?

Will they stand firmly on partisan sidelines continuing to shout slogans? Or will they reach across the aisle in the interest of the country? Will they offer constructive proposals to help solve our problems?"

And he closes with this,

..."I urge all of the Tea Partyers to follow Reagan, not Carter. If they want their movement to be more than a wave that crashes on the beach and then recedes back into the ocean, leaving nothing behind but empty sand, they should stop the "gloom talk." These are not the worst times we have ever faced, nor is the Constitution under serious threat.

Our economy is still the strongest and most resilient in the world. Our government is still capable of responding to the leadership of men and women who believe our problems can be solved. We must not follow the siren song of those who are in a frenzy of despair.

After all, we survived Jimmy Carter, didn't we?"

And it appears after some reflection to add insult to injury to one of the reddest voting blocks in America he has the unmitigated gall to compare his constituents Jimmah Cartah.

Even more the outrage this old lion refuses to take personal responsibility for the tin ear and affront to those whom he served in Utah.

We will honor Lincoln's statement and insure, "...that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain -- that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

Senator Bennet you should have listened to you voters. In light of your public editorial fit, I have to say that you have received your just desserts.

Blaming others is a true sign of narcissism.

Apparently the Democrats are not the only ones to suffer from an unguided sense of entitlement.

This outrageous chastisement of voters in your state, shows just how much you deserved this serving of cold voter revenge.

We have a message for you Senator Bennet, and your fiefdom building arrogant buddies, our house cleaning is just beginning.

We are not a crazed bunch of sloganeering spoiled children, we are Americans, and we absolutely are determined to protect this Republic from this 111th Congress and an man who serves as President who finds our Founding Documents fatally flawed.

I say good riddance, and hope the door hits you firmly on your backside.

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