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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pink Slip Tuesday Open Season

Pink Slips, today is yet another salvo in the open season for betrayers of the Public trust.

Rand Paul is the first to show real Tea Party Muscle, 60% of the vote, http://www.courier-journal.com/

Senator DeMint, who endorsed Paul, calls his victory "part of an American awakening that is taking place across the country. The Washington establishment threw everything they had at him and yet he prevailed."

Specter also went down in defeat.
Lincoln has been forced into a runoff on June 8th.

Out with the old and in with the new is what voters have in mind today, and their list of grievances is long for the 111th Congress who have failed miserably.

The message from Voters today to this pack of usurpers and those elected officials who would undermine of our founding documents, is NO MORE !


Voters have had enough!

Enough of elected officials, who think that they can avoid listening to what we, your constituents have to say.

Who do you think you are? And do you know who your boss is? It is us, American voters, and we are not happy with your performance.

This pack of 535 Representatives in Washington and the President and Vice President have been bought and sold, and I am not sure who has their 'ear' but it is obvious it is not the American taxpayer.

The Congress and Senate seem to think that it is somehow OK to continue to vote for legislation based on lies that they have not read, for bills that will forever alter this great Republic. These bills will also create a permanent caste system, and cripple the American economy. Their actions will cause the prices of everything to be increased for the voting public.

Do our elected officials in the Congress and the Senate and our appointed officials, really think for a moment the voter's are buying his dog and pony show?

Today the voters in Pennsylvania and Arkansas and Kentucky have shown, as this poll indicates the level voters dissatifaction with elected officials, as shown in this Real Clear Politics poll, http://www.blogger.com/www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/other/congressional_job_approval-903.html

Are they (our elected officials) arrogant enough to think voters are happy with their treatment last summer at Town Halls, or that we will allow elected weasels to continue get away with schmoozing or snowing or out right lying to us, their constituents?


Boy are they, all of them...all of them in for a big surprise.

That 'E' ride at their favorite theme park the American taxpayers piggy bank is soon to coming to an end, WE, the people, want our government back.

Starting with the Democratic Party and then various Republicans foolish enough (members of gangs of 6, 8 12, 14) that want to enable, tinker with, compromise and reach across the aisle for TARP, the Stimulus, GM and Chrysler buy outs, Health-care, Cap & Trade, Card Check, Illegal Immigration, Foreign Policy, you name it, the process for replacing ALL 535 arrogant men and women have forgotten who they work for has begun and they will soon receive their unemployment notices.

Some, like Bennet in Utah got an immediate notice, and for others their pink slips will be in their hands in 2010, the others will get their pink slips in 2012, and the remainder in 2014.

Our 'house' cleaning has just begun.

We will continue the re-hiring process until these usurpers understand who is their boss.

Enough Already.

The American public is getting ready to do some printing of their own...it is called a PINK SLIP.

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