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Monday, May 3, 2010

Today - Let The Pipeline Begin, The Big Red Tsunami Is Rolling In

Today marks the real start of The Big Red Tsunami, Primary Season. In 35 days we will have the results of 25 Primary elections in States from nearly every region. And the preliminary salvos will be fired in North Carolina, Ohio and Indiana, bright and early.

This poll from Real Clear Politics shows a wide ranging set of polls as they are today before the real voting starts.


In a little more than a month we will have an idea of just how deep the Red discontent is and how many voters out there are willing to dip their fingers in red to stop the madness being pursued by the 111th Congress.

The projections are all over the place, from what appears a sure 30 seats to a hopeful 120 seat change in the House and a likely 8 Senators (which requires holding retiring Senator Voinovich's seat in Ohio), but one thing is certain, there is a real mood in the country to throw all incumbents out, shown by the most recent polling of Congressional Job Approval at a near all time low for approval.


Congressional Job Approval
Polling Data
Poll Date Approve Disapprove Spread
RCP Average 4/5 - 4/21 22.5 70.5 -48.0

Two races which have a delicious irony that any on the Right can love are the race for the 12th Congressional District in Pennsylvania to fill Democrat Jack Murtha's seat left vacant by his death today shows a Republican, Burns ahead by 6 percentage points.


Pennsylvania 12th District Special Election - Burns vs. Critz
Daily Kos/R2000 Burns 46, Critz 40 Burns +6

And from the same link in the race on the 22nd of May to fill a vacated house seat in Hawaii, even more delightful the Republican Djou, is also ahead by 8 percentage points.

Hawaii 1st District Special Election - Djou vs. Case vs. Hanabusa
Honolulu Advertiser Djou 36, Case 28, Hanabusa 22 Djou +8


In this link, a story from NPR, House Minority Leader Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio, told NPR News last week that ..."at least 100 House seats are in play this year. Our latest ABC News electoral outlook puts 115 House seats currently in play and about 50 of those are highly competitive races. "

This above link from ABC news shows just how deep the discontent is amongst voters, it speaks to how voters will take their fury out on the leadership of the 111th Congress, and the policies and agendas of President Obama's Administration:

"...The success of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi's agenda is what we will give them credit for. And it is a miserable failure with continued unemployment, higher taxation and debt," said National Republican Congressional Committee chairman Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas at a recent campaign briefing with reporters where he was laying out the message strategy for the months ahead. …”
BTW published in todays NRO is a list of the 90 most vulnerable seats in the house and why,
**(this added on May 4th, 2010)


Be sure to vote if your state is one where primaries are held in the next 35 days, and the rest of us will curl up adorned in our Tea Party gear and red paraphernalia and watch the Red Results!

We will have a really good picture of just how bad the shellacking of the Democrats will be.

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