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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Favorite War Films - Do You Have A Favorite?

I love War movies! Every Memorial Day weekend we spend some time watching these classic films and recounts of Honor and Duty and Sacrifice!

My list of favorites has about at least 50 that are my all time favorites, or maybe 100 are my all time favorites.

Every Memorial Day Turner Classic Movies Shows War Movies the whole Memorial Holiday Weekend!

Last night we watched, Stalag 17, the Great Escape, Bridge Over the River Qwai, and Sargeant York, and several others!

Are you a War Movie aficionado?

What is your favorite? Do You have a Top Ten, Top 100 List?

I admit to love watching the Good Guys Win! I even like the Pollyanna "B" movies of the 1940s and Fifties. I will not bore you with my whole list, as it is really long!

No matter the history period, or whether it is about the Army, the Navy or the Air Force,
The American Revolution, or Civil War, or World War I, or World War II, or other campaigns and wars, or from another time period in World History I love em!
If you want to attach a copy of an original marquee poster of your favorite war film, here is a link!

Here are two sites with lists and reviews of war movies, and I have to admit in my list of my favorites, us, the good guys always win!



I look forward to your favorites!

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