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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh My Darlin Tennessee

Oh my darlin
Oh my darlin
Oh my darlin Tennessee
Rain done washed you down the river

Dreadful sorry Tennessee

Rained on Friday
Clear through Sunday
Down the hillside
through the valleys

Dreadful sorry Tennessee

Rained in Nashville
and in Bellvue
Poured in Franklin
No dry spot on a mountain

Dreadful sorry Tennessee

Water risin on the byways
and the highways
Fishes swimming at the opry
Down in Nashville

You are flooded
But not Forgotten

Dreadful sorry Tennessee

Maybe I am sensitive about the disaster in Tennessee due to the plight and hardship all of her citizens face because I am from Texas and were it not for Tennessee, Texas would likely be a part of Mexico.

In a one line release from a briefing on May 3rd, http://thepage.time.com/details-gibbs-briefing-may-3-2010/ released this the one line statement, --
"Gibbs says FEMA
director headed to the region today

It took the Whitehouse 4 days to respond with a brief 129 word message that could have easily been cranked out by any of the President’s speechwriters on Saturday when things in Nashville went from bad to worse.

The delay in a simple release until May the 4th, yesterday is an outrage. The 129 worded text can be could here, http://speaktopower.org/2010/05/white-house-statement-on-tennessee-flooding/

"Our thoughts and prayers are with every American who has been impacted by
the severe weather and flooding in the southeast, and our deepest
condolences go out to those who have lost loved ones. I would also like to
extend my gratitude to the local first responders who have been working
tirelessly to save lives and protect property in the face of these
devastating storms. I have spoken with the Governors in the most severely
impacted states, and yesterday I dispatched FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate to Tennessee to view the flood damage first hand and to report back on any unmet needs. Federal officials have been dispatched to the region and we will continue
working in close coordination with state and local officials to support
response and recovery efforts."

Whatever was at the base of his delay, if there had been a 9th Ward, or barrio or an audience to take advantage of, his response would have been sooner. Bush was castigated for waiting 2 days to go to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

This column was in Redstate on Monday, May 3rd, http://www.redstate.com/tabithahale/2010/05/03/nashville-drowning-obamas-silent-hope-crumbles-like-a-coke-can/ says, “…Obama himself still had nothing to say regarding the catastrophe. “It’s embarrassing that caring either depends on your electoral prospects or has to wait for the news cycle,” says Scoville.

To quote The One himself,
"let me be clear: Tennessee seems to be handling this disaster quite well. This
is not a call for Federal aid to rush in and start to screw things up - it’s the
symbolism attached to knowing the President of your country is aware of what
your state is going through.”

His Defenders will say his priority was on the crises caused by the bomb that did not go off left in Times Square by a ‘man called disaster’, but it was a Vietnam vet and another street vendor that alerted the New York Police Department that thwarted what would have been a huge disaster.

Meanwhile 12 days, after the fire that started on April 21st, which caused the collapse of BP’s Deep Horizon Oil Platform, and a massive oil spill, Obama managed a photo op, and a nationally televised speech to the Gulf on Sunday, May 2nd. (I will spare you the link).

Finally, today, May 5th, as the water continues to recede his administration has declared 4 counties a disaster area, while in reality 52 of 55 counties in the state of Tennessee were flooded.

From the Tennessean: http://www.tennessean.com/article/20100505/NEWS01/5050386/Obama+declares+4-county+region+a+disaster+area ,
“…The federal government has moved quickly to assist Tennessee, and I
appreciate the quick action by President Obama to declare the first of what I
expect will be many counties authorized for federal assistance," Gov. Phil Bredesen said in a statement. The state requested disaster assistance for 52 counties.”

More up to date can be found about the plight of the proud state of Tennessee here,


The damages in Tennessee are bound to be in the billions of dollars, and my prayers and well wishes are with the brave, but not forgotten Mountain State of Tennessee.

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